Could Odell Beckham Jr be TRADED??

Giants owner John Mara made headlines earlier today saying ”Nobody is safe and im tired of answering OBJ questions about his behavior” Now does this mean hes being shipped out? Personally i dont think so OBJ is a once in a generation type player but this is the NFL and if a prime Randy Moss and Champ Bailey can be traded then anything is possible, John Mara also said they are not shopping him but if they get a God Father “Offer you cant refuse” then who knows? Plenty of teams especially contenders will could be interested in his services and although he comes with baggage often NFL teams are willing to put up with it for such a great talent in hopes they can be the ones to contain him.Since hes entered the league he has been one of the best Wideouts but its possible the giants have had enough.

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Troubled yet talented Wide Out Odell Beckham possibly on his way out


One thing that makes this potential trade a bit tricky is not only do you have to give up a 1st round pick minimum along with other picks you would also have to pay him BIG time bucks if he gets the new contract that hes been lobbying for which will make him the highest paid wide receiver in the NFL or at least in the top 3, his salary for the upcoming season is reportedly 8 million dollars which for this year would be a bargain considering the contracts of newly signed wide receiver free agents Allen Robinson and Sammy Watkins being paid over 14 million each so a team trading so much draft capital for 1 year service doesn’t look likely so who ever trades for him likely has to give up the farm and contract for the talented yet somewhat troublesome wide receiver, he has also stated he wont play this season for anybody unless he gets the contract he wants so to avoid a potential hold out and messy situation for a player who you gave up so much for its likely that the team that trades for him will already have the contract ready as soon as he gets traded

First of all EVERY team in the league could use his undeniable talent and production but here’s 5 teams that would make sense for him to get traded to. the clip below shows us why teams would pay up to get the star Wideout


1) The Browns

Now i know what your thinking ”Cleveland really?? they suck!” but this is one of the teams that truly has the draft picks and cap room to make the move and they need all the help they can get, The Browns have also been building up a young talented team the last 2 years and have had one of the best off seasons in free agency adding veteran play makers on offense and they aren’t as bad as their record suggests (0-16 last season and 1-31 the last two seasons) and a potential reunion with best friend and former LSU team mate Jarvis Landry has already started his campaign to recruit him having being traded there from Miami earlier this season. The combination of OBJ, Josh Gordon and Jarvis Landry would all of a sudden give the Browns the best Wide Receiver group in the NFL. The Browns have the 1st and 4th overall picks in this years draft as well as two early second rounders so if they wanted to make this move they actually could with all that ammo. The Browns might not be contending for a superbowl this year but they could potentially be a threat in the next 2-3 years so this could be the block buster move they need to finally get in the mix and generate excitement  for the ever struggling franchise

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Potential Reunion between Landry and Beckham?



2) The San Francisco 49ers

I really like this one.The 49ers have been picked by many to one of the most improved teams from last season having finished strong after a horrible start. Newly signed Quarter Back Jimmy G has created a buzz and has been paid to be the franchise leader for years to come, maybe more importantly offensive genius head coach Kyle Shanahan will find creative ways to get OBJ the ball and  they have a huge need for a young star at the Wideout position so this could be a great fit for an up and coming young hungry team and Jimmy G to OBJ could be a deadly connection and add to the buzz that’s going on in SF and playoffs could be just around the corner for this team

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Head Coach Kyle Shananhan would love to have a weapon like OBJ


3) The Carolina Panthers

The Panthers have been looking for a star wideout ever since future Hall of Famer Steve Smith left the building to play for the Baltimore Ravens. Even with Smith there they always struggled to find another wideout to play opposite him and Panther fans must be starving for a stud wideout like OBJ. The Panthers have been known to be flamboyant and somewhat arrogant and have the most fun while winning so he would fit right in with this team and not only that its a big need that will finally solidify the position for years to come. Imagine Cam Newton throwing to Beckham!!!  I can already see the explosive plays down the field especially on scrambling improvised plays which Cam loves to do. They also have explosive versatile running back Christian Mcgaffery in the back field who many think will take the next step next season. This offense would be scary good if they can make the move to get him

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Quarter Back Cam Newton would welcome OBJ


4)The Indianapolis Colts

The Colts need players period….how ever they arent usually the kind of organization that will take huge gambles on troubled players who take attention away from the team but like the browns they are one of the few teams that have the draft capital and salary cap to make this move happen after they fleeced the jets by trading the 3rd overall pick to them while moving only 3 spots down to 6 and also collecting 2nd round picks, if Quarterback Andrew Luck comes back healthy then that could be a connection for years to come that would be worth watching. They also have TY Hilton there as well to pair him up with although hes already under a big contract himself so they would have to be willing to invest plenty of money in the Trio which might make things tough but with Luck Hilton and OBJ on offense they will terrorize defenses for years to come and finally get back to the standards that Manning, Harrison and Wayne set for so long…i mean who could stop that?? I like this move the more i think about it


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Nobody would stop Trio of Luck Hilton and Odell Beckham


5) The Dallas Cowboys

Its doubtful the Giants trade him to a division rival but OBJ would love the spot light that ”Americas Team” can provide, Owner Jerry Jones is known for taking risks on star players with character issues so that wouldnt put him off like other teams, they dont have much as much capital  as other teams on this list and only have a mid 1st round pick so they may have to include picks from next years drafts as well as most of their picks this year, possibly throw in Dez Bryant who they have seemed to fall out of favour with. They are also in salary cap hell but we all know Jerry Jones isnt afraid to gamble and do what it takes to land a player of this caliber so its one of the places that can be considered and pairing him up with star running back Zeke Elliot and Quarter Back Dak Prescott they could all of a sudden challenge the Eagles for the division so while this seems like a stretch i cant resist putting them in there


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We all know Jerry Jones loves star power  cant resist a gamble


Honorable Mentions

LA Rams
I would have put this in the top 5 over dallas but alot depends whether they sign Defensive Tackle Ndamukong Suh as there might not be enough cap room to go round as they have been one of the busiest teams this off season but it would fill a need, just  like the 49ers they have a young up and coming team as well as a young offensive genius at the head coach position and he would marvel over getting a player of OBJ talent after losing Wideout Sammy Watkins in free agency but its fun to think about him in Sean Mcvays creative offense who ranked number 1 last season


The Detroit Lions
They should have drafted him instead of Tight End Eric Ebron who disappointing and isnt even with the team anymore, after losing Megatron and tough productive Wide out Golden Tate getting up there in age they could use a boost and a new go to target for Matthew Stafford


The Buffalo Bills
Not a fan of this one personally but they have the draft capital to make this move and fill a big need but it wouldn’t be to appealing for OBJ as there’s no clear cut starting Quarterback and with those pesky patriots running the division it might not be in his best interest to go there and if he does get traded there his old issues might pop up again if hes not happy


NOW while the chance of him getting traded is low its still fun to speculate. One way or another its going to be exciting to watch….stay tuned


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