The Patriots are not done yet


So for how many years now have we heard ”the Patriots are done, the dynasty is coming to an end, and Brady has lost it”?? Remember when they got blown out by the Chiefs in week 4 of the 2014-2015 regular season 41-17 and there was questions if they were done and if this was the end of the Belichik and Brady Era and even some questions if it was time to put in long time back up and potential heir to Tom Brady, Jimmy Goropolo to start the next game? We’ll all they went and did was win the Superbowl that year with a historic come back vs the great defense Legion of Boom with a game sealing INT at the 1 yard ending the Seahawks potential dynasty (RUN THE BALL!!). At the time it was the biggest come back in super bowl history, they got to the AFC Championship again in the 2015-2016 but lost to the No Fly Zone in Denver in Manning’s last season who ended up winning the Superbowl over the Carolina Panthers but it was still a great season but again… came the ”Patriots Are Done” chants

But they still weren’t done Despite losing Tom Brady to a 4 game suspension they proceeded to win another superbowl in the 2016-2017 season with another historic come back overcoming a 25 point deficit in the second half to win vs the Atlanta Falcons and if that wasn’t enough they got to another Superbowl in the 2017- 2018 season although they fell to the Eagles in a record setting shoot out but that gave the Patriots 3 Superbowl appearances in 4 years and 2 Superbowl wins since they were deemed to be DONE…

Well now those same questions are coming up for the 2018 season having lost Stallworth tackle Nate Solder who has protected tom Brady’s blind site for more than half a decade while also losing Superbowl hero CB Malcom Butler losing, versatile running back Deion Lewis, and slot receiver Danny Amendola in free agency. With Brady still getting up there in age and losing some key players the questions are starting to come up again if this could really be the end but seriously…..when will we learn?

Here’s why the Patriots run will still continue, I can even argue that they will be BETTER this season. How’s that possible while losing so many players you ask? Well it’s simple; we forget who they are getting back in the starting lineup. They will be getting back Tom Brady’s favorite and most reliable Wide Recover Julian Edelman who missed all of last season due to injury before the season started. They will also be getting back 3rd year Wide out Malcom Mitchell who made strides late in the 2016 season and was a big contributor in the historic super bowl come back vs the Falcons. And maybe most importantly they will be getting back defensive leader and longtime Patriot defender Donte Hightower who missed most of the 2nd half of the 2017 season including the playoffs.

They have also added former starting Running Back Jeremy hill and have versatile running back Rex Burkhead returning as well as still keeping one of the 2016 superbowl heroes, running back James White. The defense also bolsters the pass rush adding former first round pick Adrian Clayborn and they aren’t done making moves either. With the draft coming up and with free agency they can still add more pieces to the defense which was the weak spot for the patriots last year and judging by how smart the patriots and Head Coach Bill Belichik are and after watching them give up 41 points in the Superbowl to Back up Philadelphia Quarter back Nick Foles they KNOW the defense will need to be addressed and the process of filling holes has already started and if you have been watching the patriots closely you know they are the best at finding players who fit their system to plug and play so while losing starting corner

Malcom butler hurts they have been prepared for his departure for over a year now after dangling him in trade talks last season and benching him for the whole superbowl. They still have Stephen Gilmore who they paid big money to be their number 1 Corner Back and in his 2nd year in the system he will be more comfortable in his role.

The ONLY concern I have is losing Left Tackle Nate Solder but they have a great Offensive Line coach to coach up whoever they find to replace him and the O line has generally performed well whoever they put in there so I feel it’s something they will be able to live with and they have known they may not be able to keep him so like Malcom Butler his departure has been pre planned…..

So in conclusion I don’t feel they have lost any players that they can’t replace and they are getting their best players back next season and until Regular season MVP Tom Brady starts to slow down or retire I’m not going to doubt that. He will continue to play at an all-time high level so his age doesn’t concern me in the slightest and when you have Brady and Belichik you always have a shot PERIOD

So let’s finally learn our lessons and stop predicting the demise of the dynasty cause if the Patriots have proved anything is that they have never been done or even close to it, let’s wait till they fall off the map before we doubt them again and even for the Patriot haters….just sit back and enjoy the ride because we will never see a team go on a 17 year run like this ever again.


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