What is the future of the Cavaliers?

In the off season after the 2016-17 season Cavaliers rejuvenated their roster by adding in a lot of different players that they believed would help them take make another finals run and take down the Warriors. The season started off and the team wasn’t as bad, but they weren’t as good as we expected, but the biggest acquisition for them was Isaiah Thomas and he was still injured from the previous season so everyone gave them a chance we expected a big jump in play when he returned. He had finally returned and it all started going downhill from there.

When he returned on top of all the new pieces nothing at all gelled. The team was a complete disaster and it was a very dysfunctional team. The front office gave it a chance to gel and get chemistry but nothing at all really improved and at that rate they weren’t going to make the finals.

The trade deadline started approaching and the team made a lot of more moves but instead of going all out for big names they went out and got young and hungry players that would fit with LeBron more than the other players did. After the trade deadline the team is better than they were before they aren’t locks to make finals though like they have been in other years though. After everything that has happened this year it is hard for me to imagine LeBron staying there. Yes he has said he wants to retire a Cavs but that doesn’t mean he has to stay there to retire there.

He has said their are 4 teams on his list for FA in the off season. Which are the 76ers, Cavaliers, Lakers and Rockets. You could find evidence he could or would want to go there in the off season but I can almost guarantee he won’t be a Cavalier next season. Even if they were to win a ring or make the finals LeBron would have to do a lot of the load and at his age I’m pretty sure he doesn’t have want to do that especially if he wants to be durable like he has been throughout his career. Atleast though the Cavaliers have the Nets draft pick in this upcoming draft which will be a lottery pick for sure but no one knows specifically what pick it will be a high one though.

Grabbing these young players and having that draft pick could mean rebuild time just incase LeBron leaves. I personally believe he will become a 76ers


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