WWE already has plans on who will defeat Asuka

I came across this very interesting article by Raza Kazi from givemesports.com. Apparently WWE already has plans for Asuka. Its still a rumor but knowing the company it will most likely be true. I loved the article but as a wrestling sometimes the internet can be your enemy.

As we all know asuka will go on to challenge Charlotte at Wrestlemania 34 and by no suprise we all know Asuka will walk out with the Smackdown title. But what we didnt know and shouldnt know right now is that she will be champion until Wrestlemania 35( unless she vacates the title somehow). I love rumors as much as the next person but man can we get a break on knowing Wrestlemania matches a year in advance? Has WWE not learned their lesson with Brock and Roman?

Wrestlemania 35 looks like the spot where Asuka streak comes to an end and its a great place to end it but WWE has plans for Ronda Rousey to be the one to end the streak. Dont get me wrong i love Ronda Rousey and i’ve heard that she is doing great at the Performance Center but can we please give her sometime. I love a big thinker but we gotta see how she does in the WWE first against some real talent not Stephanie McMahon.

Ronda Rousey

Ronda Rousey is getting a lot of praise on her training and looks good from the short clips that we have seen but their is a big difference in MMA and professional wrestling. I love Ronda and i want to see her succeed but there are other superstars that you can use to end the streak and help boost their career.

One i have in mind is Becky Lynch. Becky needs a serious push and she is really talented but has gone stale. Just think about it, Asuka has already beat 3 of the 4 horseman and Becky beats her. No one will see that coming and i think she will get a huge pop from doing it.

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Wrestlemania 35 is a year away and WWE could change their plans. If Rousey shows that she can put on some really good matches against some of WWE’s best then yes i will be all for that match at Wrestlemania 35. But if she needs a little more time than i would pull an unexpected move and have Becky Lynch be the one to end the streak.


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