The Time is now for John Cena to turn Hell

John Cena has dominated the WWE for more than 15 year. He wrestled against some of the greats and hold records including tying the record with Ric Flair for heavyweight title reigns. What is left for John Cena to do? Oh yea that’s right, HEEL TURN. John Cena has been a face for majority of his career and Vince is scared to take that risk for him to turn heel because they don’t want to lose money. All risk comes with losses but could lead to a huge gain. Now more than ever is it the time for John Cena to turn heel.

Why Now?

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John is going towards the end of his career. He has lost some steps in the ring and he is also focusing on his acting career more than his wrestling career at this stage. Watching Raw the past couple weeks has been an eye opener for me, he feels the need to be relevant. Right now WWE has a lot of talent they can push into the spotlight and sometimes we don’t even know John Cena is gone. WWE does not need him like they use to with stars like Finn, Seth, Roman, AJ Styles and more taking over.

What about the kids and merchandise sales?

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This was one of the biggest reasons WWE never pulled the trigger. All the kids love John and trust me I was one of them back in the early 2000 but hey there are other superstars that they can fall back on and should go ahead and start now. I really don’t anticipate John being around another 2-3 years.

Oh yea almost forgot merchandise, well the audience is shifting. John Cena’s merchandise isn’t top selling anymore and hasn’t been for a minute. Don’t worry Vince you are in good hands, besides John merchandise sells may jump back to number 1 with a role change.

What story can they run with?

I gave this some thought and it finally hit me. John is creating the story for them called relevancy. Right now he is doing everything he can to be a part of Mania. He flip flopped between WWE title matches on the last 2 PPV’s then went on to challenge The Undertaker to a match at Mania with a very aggressive promo. The promo he did on Raw sold me. He should definitely flip the switch because at this point he is doing whatever it takes.

After Mania John may leave again for a while and we he comes back things will continue to change and he should change with it. He has done everything he can as a face but as a heel he can preserve what is left of his career, give us some more deep promos, and even climb back to the top of the WWE once again. To sound corny when it comes to him being a baby face, “your time is up” and the time is now to become a heel.


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