Asuka vs Charlotte should headline Wrestlemania 34

The Women’s revolution has been a roller coaster in the WWE. There has been good times and bad time plus a lot of first, First ever women’s royal rumble, hell in a cell match, money in the bank ladder match and more. But the one thing they didn’t have was a dream match and now we have the opportunity to witness a dream match at WrestleMania 34. We have the dominant Queen Charlotte vs the unstoppable Empress of Tomorrow Asuka.

This is the perfect match for the WWE to make history with. The match will definitely be one of the best matches of the night, plus this match can be marketed heavily. Stephanie already said she wanted a women’s main event in the next couple of years and wanted Ronda Rousey to be a part of it but I say HELL NO!!!

Ronda already buried an entire women’s division by coming out and just pointing at the WrestleMania sign when she debuted at Royal Rumble plus we don’t know what she will be like once she steps in the ring and face ACTUAL competition. The opportunity is right here, right now for history to be made. Asuka and Charlotte deserve the spotlight of headlining WrestleMania. This could potentially be the best women’s match in WrestleMania history. Give them the ball and let them run with it.

Roman Reigns has main evented 3 straight WrestleMania’s and his match with Brock is most likely going to suck and last 15 mins or less if that, Vince can always do another main event with Undertaker but that’s pointless. Something fresh needs to happen especially if they plan on ushering in a new era after WrestleMania and Asuka vs Charlotte headlining WrestleMania 34 is the answer.


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