Carmella cashing in at Wrestlemania 34

WWE finished up their final PPV last night and thanks to the wrestling gods we have a women’s dream match happening at WrestleMania 34 with Asuka officially challenging Charlotte. But wait what does that mean for Ms. MITB Carmella? Will she cash in and have her moment of glory or fail?

Unfortunately for a lot of fans Carmella will cash in and she will not have her moment. A couple of days ago Brad Shepard from reported on his “Backstage in the WWE” that there are plans for Carmella to cash in her briefcase at WrestleMania only to lose. Here are his comments:

“Carmella, I’m told could very well cash in her Money in the Bank at WrestleMania and lose.”

Co-host Jon Fisher asked Shepard why, to which Brad explains that Carmella knows that she isn’t going to be champion with Asuka holding the title, so what better time to cash in than WrestleMania.

“Well apparently from what I’ve heard she’s okay with it. She’s down to do it. She basically knows Asuka is going to be champ and she doesn’t have a chance of winning the championship from her so it’s kinda like, “You might as well make the most of losing. Why not WrestleMania?”

We are only 4 weeks away from WrestleMania and plans can change but let’s be honest, WWE waited way to long to pull the plug on this and it will only bury Carmella instead of pushing her. That would make it 2 MITB winners that lose this year with Baron Corbin losing his opportunity in embarrassing fashion.

Hopefully WWE will have better plans for the winners of the MITB next time but for WWE wasted another opportunity to boost a superstar’s career. You can watch the full episode on the link above or right here.


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