Brunch at the City Pharmacy

Here we have a Saturday and a young couple looking for an adventure. I’ve always been a foodie way before I stepped into Culinary School and unlike my peers I loved searching for food that stood out. As my fiancée and I walked around downtown Covington deciding what we were going to eat we came across a City Pharmacy.

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The glass was tinted but she spotted a bar on the inside and we said “let’s check it out”. Little did we know we were in for a big surprise in deliciousness?

From the moment we stepped into this casual and relaxed environment we were greeted as if we were family and they went on to explain a portion of their menu for us. I was immediately sold just from looking at the menu. We came just in time for Brunch (you can believe me when I say I’m going back for dinner at the Pharmacy as I need to be cured once again). The waiter was excellent and very knowledgeable of the menu. I believe her name was Kaitlyn. She broke down the menu and her recommendations and she even went to get the Executive Chef, Christian Perez to break down a particular dish that I was curious about. After speaking with the Chef Perez my fiancé and I were ready to dine in and get treated for our hunger. I started with a simple appetize because when I go somewhere I have to tease myself a little to see if the main course is even necessary.

Smoked Catfish Croquettes

I have a knack for picking good food at new restaurants from the start and I hit home with this appetizer. It was one of their smallest apps but I would order this appetizer every time I go in there as long as it’s on the menu. Just imagine this smoked and butter catfish, coated in bread crumbs and fried. MMMM perfect gold crust and culinary heaven. Smokey, buttery and savory!!!.

Catfish Croquette

The mayo on the bottom was an old-bay mayo and they topped it with a slaw( carrots and beets) and please don’t forget to squeeze the lemon on top to bring out all those flavors that go well together and causes your eyes to roll back and your taste buds to scream in excitement with every bite.

I have to be honest, I already ordered my entrée’s. I tried 2 things for the first time in my life, 1. Raw seafood and 2. Egg benedict. But I’m a guy who loves to mix and match so I went over the top and ordered the Crab Cake Benedict while my fiancé ordered the Salon Poke.

Crab Cake Benedict

I hate hollandaise sauce. That hatred mostly stems from making it in Culinary School but I thank Chef Perez for changing my perspective on the famous sauce. Anyways look at this dish. So beautiful, so elegant, so….tastyyyyy!!!!!!

Crab Cake Benedict 3

An English muffin split in half topped with a crab cake, medium poached egg and hollandaise sauce. All I could say was wow. Normally I distinguish what stands out in a dish but everything in this dish was in sync and just absolutely perfect. Nothing overpowered the other on this plate, everything and I mean everything just went perfect together. My taste buds were singing like Whitney Houston. “ ANNNNDDDD IIIIIIIII WILLL ALWAYSSS LOVE YOOUUUUUU!!!!!!!”

Salmon Poke

Tatyana and I have never ate raw seafood, we even took the safe route when it comes to sushi and had a California roll anywhere we go that sells sushi. What we expected was a chunk of salmon on top of some rice and green mix but what we got was something so much better.

Salmon Poke 2.jpg

The Salmon was cut into nice cube like chunks that I thought were tomatoes at the time. Salmon mixed with a collard green kimchi sitting on top of a bead of sticky rice with sliced avocado on the side. We were impressed as we swapped dishes after so many bites. That was a very robust dish packed with a lot of flavor and did I forget that there was ginger soy vinaigrette in the dish as well. Once again we never had raw salmon but I’m glad that I did it here. If you like strong flavors combined this will definitely be a dish that you would enjoy.

We didn’t dive into the cocktail menu but there are many great reviews on it. We did try the Hemingway Daiquiri and it was quite strong but satisfying.

Hemingway Daquiri 2

I admired how the rum did not overtake the drink but the grapefruit and the lime was the star of the show even though the rum creeped up on you later.

Overall the Pharmacy did exactly what they set out to do which was cure my hunger, but they did more than that, they put me in a food coma. This establishment is fairly new to the Covington area and it sits in the heart of a restaurant dominated Covington Square but I have no worries that they will not hold their own with the likes of Your Pie or the Irish Pub. The City Pharmacy is a definite go to spot that will definitely satisfy your cravings and take care of you. They have a great staff and a wonderful Chef. If you are in Georgia or even visiting I insist that you take a drive to the beautiful downtown Covington area and walk in to the Pharmacy and let them cure your hunger. By the way this was just Brunch, I can’t wait to taste their Dinner Menu.


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