Seth Rollin can still be “The Man”

Over the past year and some change Seth has been involved in the tag team division. It all started out with a storyline reuniting the Shield but then Seth and Dean went on to become Tag Champs and had a long standing feud with The Bar (Sheamus and Cesaro) that left us with countless exciting matches. Dean went down and Seth was paired with Jason Jordan. The plan was originally to have Jordan turn on Seth and lead to a match a WrestleMania and that would have been a good one but like everything else in sports and life things happen that derails the original plans and now Jason Jordan is on the sideline with a neck injury. But now the Architect is back on his own and he is ready to “BURN IT DOWWNNNN!!!!”

Seth will be in the Elimination chamber this Sunday but on Monday Seth reminded everyone why he can still be the man. Raw shook things up with a Gauntlet match that started with Seth and Roman, Seth went on to beat Roman and then gave us another instant classic with his old rival John Cena. Seth was eliminated by Elias Samson but what left with a standing ovation from the crowd. He lasted over and hour in the Gauntlet match and defeated 2 of the best WWE had to offer in the same night. Now why is it that Seth gets a lot of standing ovations after some of his matches? Oh yea that’s because he is “The Man”.

Seth Rollins is back in singles competition and he can still be the man. He can get in the ring with almost anyone and give you a show stealing match but the only thing that is left for WWE to figure out is what will they do with him? Where does the Architect go after the elimination chamber? I know it’s bad to jump ahead but the WWE has their eyes set on Roman being the only guy to takedown Brock at WrestleMania so everything else is up in the air. They could pair Seth with Elias and have them feud until mania or put him in the race for the IC title but in the long run I think the best move is Smackdown Live.

Smackdown is already suffering for lack of storytelling but overall they have a lot of talent and Seth would fit in perfectly with the hybrid athletes that Smackdown possesses. Raw is already over loaded with heavyweight contenders and Seth needs that fresh start and needs to be in the race for a world championship and not just a guy to put over new talent. He has shown he can carry the company and put on 5 star matches with the best of them. He is going to be loved as a face or as a heel and now with the Curb stomp (I’m sorry blackout) back every one is going crazier than ever. Just imagine a long standing feud between Seth Rollins and AJ Styles. That could definitely help boost smackdown ratings and give us another potential feud of the year (it’s not going to top Gargano vs Ciampa).

Seth can definitely be the man again and a move to smackdown would be a very good thing for him and the brand. Seriously do we really want to see Seth feud with Roman again just for him to lose because once he gets that title and beats Brock I don’t think they will have him drop that title for a while.


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