Michael B Jordan stole the show and gave us the best Marvel Villain to date

The MCU made history this weekend with the release of the most anticipated movie to date Black Panther. The was the origin story for T’Challa played by Chadwick Boseman as he take the throne and assumes the position as the King of Wakanda. Now this movie was good and I mean really good, graphics story, culture. Everything was spot on but there were a lot of characters that stole the show more than the main character T’Challa but Michael B Jordan’s character Killmonger stole it and owned it.

I promise no spoilers

The reason for no spoilers is because I want you to see this movie. I want you to see what I am talking about when I say this is arguably the greatest marvel villain in the MCU to date. I know the movie was about the origin of T’Challa taking over the role as king of Wakunda and being Black Panther but every time Killmonger stepped on the screen he immediately caught your attention. Everything about him stood out. His swagger, his personality and insights on the world and the struggles of black people in it.

I have nothing against Loki as he is a serious fan favorite with his wit and cleverness but Killmonger was just raw and in your face the whole time no sugar coating. A good villain has the ability to change the hero. He was definitely like Joker while T’Challa was batman. He matched T”Challa physically but more importantly he challenged him mentally, psychologically, and politically. He believed he was the hero in everything he was doing and he connected with the way society was today to make you sympathize with him. He was no kid born in riches that had money which converted to power. He studied, trained and learned everything he displayed in this movie and on top of that he grew up in the rough streets of Oakland, CA before becoming a mercenary and heading to Wakanda.

By the end of the movie he changed T’Challa, he changed his views on the world and turned him into a better king than his father instantly and even made him question his own father(oops 1 spoiler). In the end T’Challa needed Killmonger because he changed his views on the world and made him do better things than his father towards the end.


Black Panther will surely be the #1 movie in the world for weeks to come but Michael B Jordan became a MCU legend in only 1 hour. Go see this movie, don’t listen to all the criticism and racial tension that they have surrounded around this movie. THIS MOVIE IS FOR EVERYONE, COMIC BOOK FANS AND MOVIE FANS!!! Share this as yes I am hyping up this character and when you see this movie you will understand.


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