Could Gronk be WWE bound??

After the Super Bowl Loss Rob Gronkowski made it publicly known that he would not commit to another year of football. He stated that he will sit down and think it over and make his decision on his future. While Rob has had an incredible career in a short span of time and some people already deem him the greatest TE of all time, he has dealt with some pretty serious injuries over his historic career so I completely understand him contemplating retirement.

Apparently WWE is now interested in signing Gronk to a WWE contract. This doesn’t really surprise me because WWE does a lot of work with different actors and athletes and currently signed Ronda Rousey to a full time contract. They said that they would like to give him a similar contract to Ronda.

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Gronk isn’t new to the WWE as one of his best friends Mojo Rawley is currently in the WWE and Gronk has been seen at NXT tapings and he also appeared at WrestleMania 33 and had an altercation with Jinder Mahal during the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal.

I don’t think Gronk would be a bad signing for WWE as he is an athlete definitely still in his prime and he comes with a lot of personality and energy that will go well with the fans however they use him. My only concerns are his injuries. WWE is very careful nowadays and they will not put any wrestlers or themselves at risk. Gronk has had several surgeries in his career on his shoulder, back, and knee and even though he has still been productive over his career I’m not sure if WWE will really take a chance on that. But hey they have their own doctors and evaluations just like NFL teams.

Gronk is still under contract until 2019 but I know that am early retirement would shock the Patriots. The Rock and Sylvester Stallone are also after Gronk trying to convince him to come over to acting. Whether its football, wrestling or acting I’m sure Gronk will succeed but what do you think? Should Gronk sign with the WWE full time? How should they use him if he is signed?


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