2K should add Uncle Drew and his team to the Neighborhood

I understand that every game nowadays focuses on being the most authentic and realistic game that anyone can play but I’m starting to miss the fantasy part of games. Especially in sports games, a hint of unrealistic stunts for off court modes and celebrities is always a thumbs up in my book but now I see an opportunity for basketball games. I was thinking live could do this since they have the famous parks on the game but 2K will probably have a better shot. I think they should add Uncle Drew and the Crew to the Neighborhood.

The Neighborhood was a huge change for 2K this year and in my opinion it was a success. Massive servers with a lot of things to do and if your lucky you could run into celebrities that are actually playing the game. They have AI’s in the game but adding someone like the Uncle Drew character would be something very interesting and new. Of course he wouldn’t be playable (or maybe he could be) but what if he was like a perk you could earn where he could be on your squad at the park?

Now that he has assembled his team in the new movie that is coming out this summer I think it would be awesome to add his team to the pro-am. 2K could do a special letting you know when they are their and you can actually play them but they have to make them very tough to beat plus or better yet have them at the park at the legends court. Kyrie has turned the Uncle Drew character into a global phenomenon and also his alter ego when he goes off in a game and now his team is pretty interesting. Check them out:

  • Nate Robinson
  • Shaquille O’Neal
  • Chris Webber
  • Reggie Miller

Of course they will all dawn the makeup and look old and Shaq looks super funny. The fill will also include LilRey, Nick Kroll, and Tiffany Haddish. It looks like it’s going to be a lot of comedy but hopefully it really doesn’t take away from what the whole Uncle Drew character and commercials was about. There was a sense of comedy but it didn’t stir away from the basketball aspect of things. I hope they put the jingle from the commercial in the movie as well.

Overall I am excited about the movie but 2k should hop on this opportunity as I don’t see how this can possibly fail. If you are not familiar with the Uncle Drew commercial I’m going to drop part 1 below. Enjoy!!!!



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