The Eagles Should Keep Nick Foles for now

Eagles fan will celebrate this Super Bowl for the next 60 years but I’m sure there will be more to come with this very talented team but let’s talking about something that needs to be addressed or better yet some one, Nick Foles. Now I told the world the Eagles could still fly without Carson Wentz when he got injured and look what happened, they knocked off the patriots in the super bowl. The thing that stood out was Nick Foles out dueling Tom Brady.

Now Nick play well during the regular season but he got the job done good enough to show out when it was time too and that was the last 2 games he played plus he took home MVP honors in the Super Bowl but what’s next? The Eagles have made it known that Foles is available and that they will listen to offers and his stock just sky rocketed. But seriously they shouldn’t trade him for now.

As a backup Foles is slated to make 8 million next year with a new contract but any other team will pay him handsomely after that super bowl performance, he showed you what he can do just like he did a couple years back when he threw 27-2 in a season. I know the Eagles see value but I see a very good insurance policy and I’m talking premium insurance, kind of like the state farm commercials when they say you’re covered after some really bad things happened. Carson suffered an ACL tear and even though he is pushing hard to come back week 1 the Eagles organization needs to sit back and think what if?

We all know Carson is the future and the true starter for the Eagles but we got to think a little logical. Don’t trade him in the offseason; see how things play out first. Carson may not be back in the first week of the season and instead of having a backup that has to learn your system why don’t you keep your super bowl MVP who can thrive in it. I’m sure they have their concerns too like is he the real deal or is this just a short stint? You don’t catch a lot of backups who walk into the Super Bowl and out duel Brady, wait Nick Foles is the only one to do so. Trade him while his value is super high just in case he hits a low next season. Hey at the end of the day this is business and you due what’s best for your team but keeping him is what’s best.

The Eagles has the greatest insurance policy in the NFL right now and they need to keep it until they know Carson is ready to go and plays consecutive games. You guys are Super Bowl champs and I’m sure you want to keep winning. Keep that state farm plan named Nick Foles and know that you’re covered until Wentz is ready. After that you could either trade him before the deadline or let him walk in 2019. FLYYY EAGLES FLYYY!!!


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