Becky Lynch wants to play Kim Possible?!??

One of my child hood classic cartoons are being brought to life. Disney has announced on Wednesday that they will be making a live action Kim Possible movie.

They set out to twitter to ask fans who would they like to see play the teenage spy and the fans have responded with their dream cast for the part. Fans have called upon Disney to cast Zendaya as Kim,

Megan Fox as Shego

and a very funny comparison of Pitbull as Rufus the naked mole rat.

But one person that stands out to me is Becky Lynch as she threw her name in the hat to play him.

Now she is very inexperienced actor but you cant really tell me she doesn’t look the part. She may have to work on her accent a little more to Americanize it but either way im sure they would be able to work around it. What do you think, would Becky make a bad ass Kim Possible?


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