Mayweather vs McGregor will happen at UFC 226

We all know the history to Mayweather and McGregor but now on to the new. It started off with Mayweather saying he would sign a contract to the UFC. I personally took his word on it but reports came out and he said he wouldn’t do it and he bashed Dana White for trying to “gain popularity out of his name”. So I kind’ve forgot about it left it alone. Recently though he posted a video on Twitter of him walking into an octagon.

This has vamped up my curiosity again and I’m wondering to myself is he really going to do it? Then a bright bulb popped in my head. The first thing that came to my mind was UFC 226.

This card has so many super fight rumors surrounding it makes it seem as if it’s going to be the biggest fight card in history of the UFC. The first rumor heard was Jon Jones could possibly be back before UFC 226. Also we’ve seen multiple reports of them and this Jones situation making it seem like his suspension could be cut down by a tremendous amount of time. Jones is a reach to get on this card because of his suspension but you can’t deny the timing is such a coincidence and what the UFC has been doing to try and get him back in there.

Second rumor heard was Cain Valasquez is eyeing a return at UFC 226. Who could his opponent be? Maybe a guy called Jon Jones. If Cain doesn’t fight the winner of Daniel Cormier and Stipe this the only other option really.

Other rumor heard was Cyborg vs Nunes. Cyborg seems to be holding off this fight, for what reason I don’t know. Or is it that she is waiting for 226 to come around? If she doesn’t get booked on the 223 card in Brazil this will definitely be on 226.

Max Holloway just pulled out of his fight with Frankie Edgar because of injury. Depending on how long it takes him to fully recover he could get a spot on 226 to make it even more stacked. It’s a reach but it’s also an injury and a smart money move.

Tyron Woodley has been holding back on his activity. It was a rumor that he would fight at 226 also. Nate Diaz recently posted a picture on Instagram saying he’ll return around May, June and UFC 226 is in June. Nate already turned down the offer to fight Woodley but if it’s on a card that could be this stacked who wouldn’t take the fight? If not he would fight one of the guys in the deep 155lbs division.

Demetrious Johnson vs TJ Dilashaw the superfight everyone wants to see. This fight has been in negotiation for a long bit now. If their is any fight I can almost guarantee will be on this card it’s this fight. Demetrious has been begging for a big money fight and on top of it being champion vs champion it would be on the most stacked card in history.

This is the most superfight rumors I’ve heard on one card probably ever and Mayweather is training MMA coincidence? I think not. I did say Conor would fight Khabib in Russia if he won against Ferguson but this card is entirely too stacked (rumors wise) for it not to be Mayweather vs McGregor in my opinion.


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