Ask yourself this question, if you could play with any fighter in EA UFC 3 that’s not currently in the game who would it be? The new installment of EA UFC is finally out and unlike the Beta it’s getting a lot of love. Once again EA brought its A-game to the game and made a lot of changes as they continue to give us the most fluid and authentic MMA game out there. The main changes that stand out is the game play as they completely changed the standup game in every way making it where every move, dodge and counter can alter the fight. The combos are as fluid as ever and knockouts look fantastic. Now let’s talk add on’s. Yes it’s a fighting game but I like a little fantasy involved. I don’t mind them adding Bruce Lee to the game once again and it was fun when they had Tyson on it but there are so many more people they can add. Here I have 7 martial artist/ fighters they should add to the game.


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