Super Bowl LII: Patriots vs Eagles Pick and predictions

The Super Bowl is upon us once again and it’s shaping to be a good one, well some might say an instant classic. Once again we have a familiar face in the game. The Dynasty, Darth Sith and Darth Vader Bill Belichick and Tom Brady will be entering their 8th Super Bowl game together against the team that came out of nowhere and took the league by storm the Philadelphia Eagles.

This is familiar territory for the Patriots as this is the 8th time Belichick and Brady have been to the Super Bowl and the franchises 10th time overall. As for the Eagles they look to end their nearly 60 year drought and bring home the Lombardi trophy. This is the first time the Eagles have been to the Super Bowl since they lost to the Patriots back in 2005. Let’s go ahead and break down this match up and look at these 2 teams but first here is just some basic info on the Super Bowl

When: Feb 4th, 2018

Where: US Bank Stadium, Minnesota


NFC Champions: Philadelphia Eagles (15-3)


Earlier this season when the Eagles lost Carson Wentz due to injury I told the world that the Eagles are very familiar with situations like this and that they could still FLY without Carson Wentz. Its hasn’t been the easiest road to the Super Bowl but the team held its own and Nick Foles showed up when it mattered most. I cannot lie the Eagles caught me by Surprise this year, I have known for a couple of years now that they have a very stingy defense but the offense was really in sync and have arguably the best RB duo in the league with Ajayi and Blount. Those are just some of their weapons as disposal.

Now their defense is dominate and mean. They will definitely give Tom Brady some problems if they can apply pressure and sack him. They are led by defensive end Brandon Graham and tackle Fletcher Cox. The Eagles defense are ranked first in the NFL against the run, 4th in total defense and 4th in scoring defense. Even with a schedule that wasn’t very strong the Eagles completely devoured the Vikings in the NFC championship game and the Vikings had the best defense in the League. They have shown that even without Wentz they can beat anyone in the NFL and will pose a threat to Tom Brady getting ring number 6.

AFC Champions: New England Patriots (15-3)


Every year we take 1 or 2 games and say it’s time for Brady to hang it up and every year he proves us wrong. When will we leave Tom Brady alone? The Pats are going to their 10th Super Bowl and still look very good. While the offense looked just as sharp as ever, it’s the defense that helped them propel to another Super Bowl. Yea yea I remember the beginning of the season but the NFL season is a marathon. It’s not about how you start its how you finish and that defense finished as one of the best in the League……to an extent. Yes they made some changes and they finished the year 5th in defensive points per game but they still gave up a lot of yard. The Pats finished the year 29th in yards allowed and 30th in passing yards allowed but I guess that doesn’t matter when the other team can’t get in the end zone.

Two high scoring offenses against two defenses that doesn’t like to give up points.

Pick: Fly Eagles Fly

The Eagles are the underdog in this game and a lot of people are betting huge money for them to pull this off. I personally believe that they have all the tools to do it. Most importantly they have the defense to rattle Tom Brady and they have the run game to control the clock and pace of the game which is key if you want to beat these guys but let’s be honest with ourselves here, this game is really about Brady vs Nick Foles.

We can call him a system QB or whatever Tom Brady gets the job done and the Pats have 1 huge advantage in this game and that’s experience and the ability to adjust. They never play for the first half in the Super Bowl they play for the second have. I have faith in Doug Pederson and I have faith in Nick Foles to upset the Patriots and bring the championship drought to an end. Nick Foles hasn’t played his best since Carson Wentz went down but he showed up and showed out when it mattered most. We cannot forget that he is a former Pro Bowl QB and I feel like as long as he follows the game plan and the defense contains that Pats offense they can win this game. I have the Eagles winning this


MVP: Nick Foles

The Pats may be stingy and deny team’s points but they still give up a lot of yards and normally when you have games with 2 great defenses points are given up. Nick has a lot of weapons to use and the Pats won’t be able to shut down every one. If he gets comfortable like he did in the NFC Championship game I expect him to take home the MVP trophy in this game.


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