Where will Kirk Cousins play next season?

The sports world continues to be shaken up. Last night we witnessed the shocking trade of Blake Griffin to Detroit and now the NFL making headlines before the Super Bowl. Just minutes ago the Redskins have made a trade and acquired Alex Smith from the Kansa City Chiefs. Now the Chiefs did make it known all season long that they were most likely moving Alex Smith once the season ended but I don’t think anyone expected the redskins to make a trade for him especially since they have Kirk Cousins. But now the question stands, where will Kirk Cousins play next season?

I don’t think there is any bad blood between Cousins and the Redskins but for the past couple of season’s they franchise tagged Cousins and after only 30 mins of acquiring Alex Smith they lock him into a contract paying him 23.5M per year with 71M guaranteed over the next 4 years. I don’t know about him but I would feel just a little salty about that.

Kirk Cousin will be the biggest QB on the market and will be demanding that 25-30M per year but with him turning 30 you have to wonder will it be more about the money or playing for a team that can work towards winning championships. Cousins have expressed interest in playing in the New York Market and the Jets have a lot of cap space to sign him. On the WFAN this Tuesday Afternoon Cousins said:

“From what I’ve heard, it’s a tough market, man, if I’m making it about the media, I’ve got bigger problems,” Cousins said. “I’ve got to ignore the noise, right? No matter where I play. Washington D.C. isn’t exactly in the middle of nowhere, so I’d like to think I have some experience dealing with a media market.”

But Kirk has a lot of options and they all have different things to off. The Jets can cough up that money but they would be limited to do anything else to get him some help. Here are a few other teams that could make a run at Kirk Cousins:

Denver Broncos

The Denver Broncos have a really ugly QB mess right now and nothing is really working out in their favor. Going after Kirk Cousins would create some stability at the QB position for their offense plus he would already have some weapons. The defense is a little questionable and currently they are going to try and more Talib. The one major flaw in signing Cousins would be their limited cap. Cousins is definitely going to ask for a lot of money, I mean I’m talking Derek Carr money and the Broncos are only working with 29M in cap. Signing Cousins would be a huge deal for them but it would mostly hurt them. But John Elway isn’t afraid of taking a risk.

Arizona Cardinals

Arizona has had a busy year so far. Carson Palmer and Bruce Arians announced their retirements and they have a new head coach and new DC. With Carson’s retirement the Cardinals have freed up a good bit of cap space and they could make a run at Cousins. They still have Larry and other weapons of the offensive side of the ball but the defense is a little questionable. I’m not sure if they will take the risk or maybe try their luck in the draft and fix their other needs in the free agency.

Jacksonville Jaguars

Jacksonville is coming off a great year and showed the league that they are here to stay. Even in a staggering loss to the Patriots they looked impressive but now the question remains, what will they do at QB? Now I know basketball and football are 2 different sports but if we learned anything from what we witnessed yesterday, no matter what owner ship or coaches say you are not safe and can be traded at any moment. The Jags have publicly praised Blake Bortles even with his up and down seasons. He isn’t a bad QB but seriously you guys have all the pieces but the QB position is a problem and going after Kirk could fix it. They would have to free up cap and if they get rid of Bortles and a couple of vets they would have a little over 40M in cap to make a run at him. If the Jags come Kirks way I think he should consider, they have a good defense and a very good offense plus they could give you the money and you can contend for a championship right away. Don’t overlook the Jags Kirk…Pick up the phone!!!

Cleveland Browns

Sigh…..the Browns have more than enough money to sign Kirk Cousins to a record breaking contract but that’s about it. Kirk is a franchise QB but the Browns are very good at killing QB careers. Anything can happen in football but a miracle and the football gods would have to sit down at a table and rig a lot of stuff for Kirk Cousins to turn this team into a contender. The money is there but you won’t be winning anytime soon.

There are countless amounts of teams that will try to go after Kirk and you never know what will happen in the NFL once the free agency starts. Kirk will make an impact on whatever team he goes to but he must be smart about it if he wants to win as well as have a big pay day. He might want to take the Tom Brady route, take that pay cut to get help and just reap the benefits from bonuses and endorsements. What do you guys think? Where will Kirk Cousins play next season?


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