Even after a historic night The Royal Rumble was no match for NXT Takeover

This weekend was just amazing. It was just a great time to be a wrestling fan. NJPW gave us back to back nights of amazing wrestling, huge upsets and amazing endings leaving us begging for more. NXT once again gave us a classic to start off the year and the Royal Rumble was historic. But there is one thing that stands out for me amongst all of this. Once again NXT has outdone the WWE main roster. NXT is considered the 3rd brand of the WWE and it’s an developmental brand but every single time they are given the spotlight they continue to outshine the main roster.

The Royal Rumble did not have a very solid card and that was mainly due to the 2 royal rumble matches. I’m not going to act light they didn’t put up a fight but they already lost before the kickoff show started. Fans in Philly and around the world were buzzing about NXT takeover.

The tag team clash was awesome, Adam Cole and Aleister Black got extreme and had fans on the edge of their seat and the main event brought it home with a 5 star bout that will definitely be remembered all year long.

Everything was perfect and Ciampa coming back to attack Gargano from behind was like dessert. They gave us a great night and set up the feud of the year that will take over the entire company when it starts.

The way I see it NXT is 1-0 this year and I expect them to be 2-0 when they takeover WrestleMania. Now I applaud WWE for getting 2 things right last night and that was the royal Rumble match winners Shinsuke Nakamura and Asuka. The female Royal Rumble was good. We saw a lot of old and new faces and WWE could have ended it off just like that leaving Asuka to bask in the glory of her moment but no they killed the entire moment and buried Asuka by having Ronda debut and create confusion that later got resolved according to sources on Wrestling Inc.

WrestleMania has a solid main even with AJ Styles vs Shinsuke Nakamura and hopefully Asuka will show up on Smackdown and challenge Charlotte because a match with Alexa Bliss would be pointless but at the end of the day I think NXT will once again the main roster and even worse it will be on the weekend of the grandest stage of them all headlined with Ciampa vs Gargano.



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