Blake trade signals beginning of rebuilding for Clippers

Today my heart is sad. I have been a fan of Blake since his beginnings and still to this day. This past offseason the clippers lost Chris Paul as he decided to leave for Houston and honestly I couldn’t blame him. The Clippers have been a playoff team for a while now but just couldn’t make that huge jump into elite status after multiple Playoff meltdowns. The team always seemed in sync when they were winning and out of sync when they were playing from behind. This season they still have that competitive edge but they are just not as good. Lou Williams is balling having a career year, Deandre is doing what Deandre does and Blake continues to shine when healthy but today the NBA world was shook.

Just a while ago breaking news happened stating that the Detroit Pistons have engaged in serious talks with the Clippers for superstar Blake Griffin. Normally I’m like “yea that deal will get done in a day or so” but I blinked and it was official. Blake is officially off to the Pistons. The Clippers have not been shy about trading key players as they are still actively shopping Deandre Jordan and honestly as much as this saddens me I kind of saw this coming. All signs to me point to the Clippers plunging into the Rebuilding process.

The Clips are just not as good as they were and their championship window closed years ago so now is a great time to start. I’m not surprised Blake was traded I’m just surprised they didn’t get a star for him but the Clippers got some nice pieces to at least finish the season with plus some picks. They are far from done. The Clippers are actively shopping Deandre and Lou Williams as they seek to get more young players and picks.

Clippers fans will be upset but shouldn’t be for long. It could be worst, they could tank and trade without getting any significant value in return but instead they are trading for young players they could either build around or trade and more importantly draft picks which are perfect for trading in the offseason.

The Clippers are not done and hopefully they will get some more assets when they trade Jordan and Williams but for now Clippers fans mines well just ride out the rebuilding process and hope that they can attract some big names this offseason as they will have a lot of cap space and they are already a big market team.


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