NXT Takeover Philadelphia: Review, Results and Takeaways

Tonight we had another successful NXT Takeover. This wasn’t the best Takeover I have ever seen but the future is really bright this year with some new faces on the horizon. Tonight we saw a couple of new NXT signees in the crowd including War machine, Ricochet, Candice Larea and the man I thought was going to debut in the Royal Rumble EC3. The Philly crowd was rowdy as always as the NXT superstars put on a show of different styles from beginning to end. Here are the results from the PPV:

Undisputed Era(C) def. Authors of Pain- NXT Tag Team Championship Match

Velveteen Dream def. Kassius Ohno

Ember Moon(C) def. Shayna Baszler- NXT Women’s Championship Match

Aleister Black def. Adam Cole(Extreme Rules Match)

Andrade “Cien” Almas(C) def. Johnny Gargano

Match of the Night: Andrade “Cien” Alma’s vs Johnny Gargano


Authors of Pain need to be called up to Smackdown: AOP has done everything that they could on NXT and won the fans over putting on great matches with DIY and competing in NXT: WarGames but there is nothing left for them in NXT. I’m not sure what happened but I know Vince wanted to call them up after they dropped the titles to Sanity. Most likely he will wait until after Mania but it’s definitely time. Raw has enough tag teams that WWE but Smackdown seems perfect for them.

Velveteen Dream is a legit contender for the NXT Championship: I can’t lie he definitely had to grow on me but he has especially with his match with Aleister Black. Velveteen has a great character that plays mind games very well by where his opponents gear and ever putting their faces on his gear. He beat Kassius tonight and has some great performances under his belt. In my eyes he is a legit contender to compete for the NXT championship and should 1 day. He is very entertaining and growing as an in ring competitor more and more every time he steps in the ring.

Aleister Black should challenge Pete Dunne for the UK Championship: Aleister is still undefeated in NXT and for now I’m sure his feud with the Undisputed Era is not over. Adam Cole once again fell to Aleister in a very entertaining Extreme Rules match but I think it’s time Aleister goes after bigger fish and the Bruiserweight is definitely a bigger fish. Pete Dunne continues to leave fans begging for more of the UK division and he is a great champion. His feud with Tyler Bates will always be memorable but it’s time for a new challenger. Aleister vs Pete could be a killer feud and should be the next match for Aleister at NXT Takeover: Mania (I like that better than New Orleans) and it should be for the UK Championship.

NXT needs 1 more title: One problem that NXT has is they do not have another major title. NXT title runs are different from the main roster. Superstars will hold the titles longer leaving a lot of other superstars competing for that 1 title and never really touching it. I’m thinking something simple, either bringing aboard the UK title full time or maybe an Intercontinental title of some sort.

Andrade “Cien” Almas can be a champion for the long run: Andrade is a full package and now with Zelina Vega at his side we don’t have to really worry about the pressure for him to speak fluent English for his promo’s, we can focus on his in ring abilities. Once again tonight he left us amazed with another 5 star match against Johnny Gargano. Me personally I thought that they would have put the title on Johnny but I’m not even mad that they didn’t. Andrade is a superstar that can hold the title for the long run and entertain the fans.

Ciampa and Gargano feud needs to start at the next takeover: TOMMASO CIAMPA I KNEW YOU’D COME!!!! Gargano may have lost but his tenure in NXT is far from over now with Ciampa being so close to being back in the ring. Ladies and Gentleman we are about to see the feud of the year starting at the next Takeover. I have been waiting for feud between these 2 since they had their match at the Cruiserweight Classic. For the next couple of months this is going to be the most popular feud on NXT.


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