Its time for WWE to add another title to NXT

NXT continues to be the place for free agents to go. They continue to stay relevant and pulling in more new and seasoned wrestlers after moving some of their best talent up to the main roster. Every takeover special never seems to do anything but amaze me but there is 1 problem that I see with the brand and it needs to be fixed soon. There is only 1 major title and a lot of top tier talent fighting for it. I think that its time for NXT to add another title to the brand and soon.

Now I know winning titles isn’t everything to some wrestlers in this business. A lot of superstars spend all their time in NXT building up their fan base and amazing the crowd but they never touch the gold. The NXT champion is normally held by a superstar for a very long time and they may only compete against 2-3 guys in long lengthy feuds leaving all the other guys getting called up without even a title run. The idea of adding a secondary title to NXT has been discussed before and it may still happen.

Now the way I see it WWE can go about this 2 ways:

  1. Bring on the UK title full time

The UK title doesn’t have a permanent home just yet as WWE is still planning out a show on the network for the UK division but for the mean time NXT could be its permanent home. The only problem that I see is that WWE may want to keep the title within the UK division and only have stars from the UK fight for the title, but Pete Dunne is a fighting champion. He will put that title up against anyone.

  1. Bring in a Intercontinental title

Intercontinental titles have always been prestigious in any wrestling promotion you watch. The title wouldn’t be as significant as the NXT championship but it will be just as important. NXT has a lot of talent and whoever they put the title on can maintain relevance. This could be looked at as a stepping stone to the main title.

Both of these ideas would be perfect and will only fix NXT’s problem and not harm the brand itself. What do you think? Should NXT add 1 more title? Should they bring in the UK title full time or have an NXT Intercontinental title?


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