What is next for Daniel Cormier?

Daniel Cormier has proven that he should be a strong consideration in the GOAT conversation right behind Jon Jones, the only person to ever defeat Daniel Cormier. With his ground and pound style top level wrestling and size with the constant pressure he puts on his opponents it’s proven overwhelming for all of his opponents outside of Jones. Though he could still dominate his whole division with Jon Jones being suspended and probably go back up to Heavyweight where he is undefeated at he is nearing the end of his career with the age of 39 years old. He has acknowledged the fact he wants to make a lot of money since he knows he isn’t going to fight for much longer. I could see DC going down four routes right now and here they are.

The route everyone believes he’ll do is fight Alexander Gustafsson in and rematch since majority of everyone would agree Gustafsson gave DC his toughest matchup obviously outside of Jones. This would be a pretty big fight for the MMA community simply because he gave him stiff competition and DC is older than he was, I still believe though lost would go to Daniel Cormier and wouldn’t be surprised if he won again. I’m sure if he took this fight again he would make sure it’s on a big card to make the most out of it.

The route that could happen but might take some time is to wait on Jon Jones for a third fight. This fight is a long shot because Jon Jone sis currently suspended and nobody knows specifically how long he will be suspended for especially when new things are popping up. Seems as if recently though positive things have been coming up though so Jones could be back sooner than we expect. Daniel Cormier has recently said though he doesn’t know if he can put himself through that again with Jones. It’s not hard to understand he has beat everyone except for one man it is very hard to tell yourself that someone is just better than you and he isn’t a person that takes losses well. On top of the pride thing when he lost the very first time and Jones got suspended he had to wait over two years to try to get his revenge and he lost the second fight also. Mentally Jones has Cormiers number and even thought this fight would be huge I wouldn’t be surprised f he had self doubt going against Jones and going out on a lost near the end of his career.

The route I believe he should go is going up to Heavyweight where he is undefeated at and fight Stipe Miocic for the heavyweight belt. Its the perfect time for that fight. They both recently fought on the same card Stipe just cleared out his division the only option I see for Stipe is to wait on Cain and hope he comes back or wait for a Heavyweight to raise up the rankings. Daniel Cormier has beat every contender in his division to that’s eligible. If Daniel Cormier really wanted a big super fight without fighting Jones he could do this and at that wouldn’t have to cut weight down to 205lbs. Some say he wouldn’t do that because Cain Valasquez might come back in 2018 and they train at the same camp but we have no clue when Cain is coming back if he ever does. His body is going through healing process right now I doubt he is rushing it and if Daniel Cormier was to win the belt Cain would probably just sit out until Cormier lost the belt or retired. If Cain wanted to come back while Cormier was champ pretty sure Cormier would just vacate since it is Cains decision but I doubt that Cain would do something that dramatic I would assume he would wait until Cormier lost or retired if he went back up to Heavyweight.

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