What is next for Conor McGregor

Before the Floyd Mayweather boxing superfight their was talk that this might be the last fight Conor ever has. It was all assumption but a lot of people assumed since he was going to make such a big amount of money from this fight alone why fight another day? Conor himself though has admitted he isn’t a saver he is a spender and that money isn’t going to last him his life time.

On top of that Conor is still at the top of his game and only got better from fighting Mayweather you would imagine he could go back to the Octagon and dominate as if he never left. He recently was asked a question from TMZ about his future and fighting and he made it clear that he will fight again and it will in fact be in the octagon.

As he has been gone their has been two top contenders fighting to get to his belt. Tony Ferguson and Khabib Nurmagomedov were supposed to fight for the interim belt, but Khabib got injured from a bad weight cut. So they gave Tony Ferguson Kevin Lee for the interim belt. Ferguson beat Lee by submission and won the interim belt that fight got him on a 10 fight win streak which is one of the longest in UFC history and one of the longest right now. If Conor came back and defended his belt it would have to be against Tony Ferguson. Problem with this is it isn’t enough money for Conor McGregor he isn’t interested in the fight from a financial standpoint. The owner of the UFC Dana White has already said if Conor doesn’t come back and defend his belt by March he will strip him of his belt.

Khabib Nurmagomedov on the other hand is 25-0 also on one of the longest UFC win streaks has ran over every opponent he has faced so far. His wrestling and pressure has proved unmatched in his career. He beat Edson Barboza so bad in a round in his last fight the judges scored it 10-4 which is the lowest in history. Conor seems to be more intrigued by that matchup and doing it in Russia which is Khabibs home country. Problem with that is Tony is the interim champion.

In this case if Conor wanted the Khabib fight over the Ferguson fight they would have to strip Conor of his belt. After that give Ferguson the belt and set up a match between him and Khabib. If Khabib wins Conor comes back and fights Khabib in Russia to get his belt back. I believe that’s the only way we’ll see Conor if he came back to the UFC in the Lightweight division.


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