Khabib Nurmagomedov could be the GOAT off MMA in the future.

Khabib Nurmagomedov was born in Dagestan, Russia. He was born into a fighting family, so ever since a young boy he was around fighting and staying in shape. His first art if fighting he started learning was Sambo, which is a form of grappling. He is a two time time world champion in Sambo. He also is a black belt in Judo and trained in freestyle wrestling. In 2008 Khabib Debuted in his professional debut.

He piled up a 16 fight win streak outside of the UFC. He is currently on a 9 fight win streak in the UFC after his dominant win over Edson Barboza at UFC 219. Ever since he joined the UFC in 2012 we have been amazed by the skillset. No fighter has been able to stop his grappling skills and his pressure yet. Every fight he comes in puts the pressure on his opponents where they have no space or time to rest he gets in there face all night and is either striking or clinching you to take you down. Once he grabs you, which he will it’s hard to get him off of you and nobody has figured out the puzzle yet.

Only problem with Khabib is he hasn’t been consistently in the Octagon ever since joining the UFC either from injury or missing weight. Recently though before his last fight he finally got a nutritionist to keep him at a healthy weight to make the weight cuts easier. Now it seems like he is untouchable the weight cuts are so easy now his team is talking about moving to the 145lb division. He has said though He wants to finish his job at 155 and that’s to get the belt. He is very close to the belt only two people above him in the division are the interim champion Tony Ferguson and the champion Conor McGregor. By how dominant he has been in his 25 fights and he is still undefeated it’s looking like he will be the 155lb champion pretty soon especially since he can make weight now.

He wants to fight 3 times in 2018. After he wins the 155lb belt him and his team are trying to move down to 145lb to do a champion vs champion match. His intentions down there we have no clue but we have to just enjoy the ride. The reason I mention this though is the way he overpowers and dominates these guys at 155lbs and looks so dominant I don’t know how you can win against him. If he went down to 145lbs and made weight he would ragdoll the smaller guys and dominate them even more than he does against his current weight division. He is 25-0 through his professional career most of his wins are dominant and this is at 155lbs where he looks unbeatable, if he goes to 145lbs this guy might make a case for the Greatest of all time.


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