2017 is coming to an end but right now seems to be the best time to be a wrestling fan. WWE is going through a roller coaster and through it all fans are starting to look beyond the WWE and discovering a lot of talent and promotions that have been there all this time but the quality of wrestling is top notch. This is the time to debate on who are the top wrestlers of 2017 and for me my focus is on the WWE. The recently made the list of their top 10 wrestlers of the year, check it out:

10.Enzo Amore

9.Brock Lesnar

8.The Shield

7.Kevin Owens

6.The Miz

5.Jinder Mahal

4.The Usos and The New Day???(WTF)

3.Alexa Bliss

2.Braun Strowman

1.AJ Styles

They didn’t get it all wrong but I really disagree with some of the superstars and their positioning’s on this list. I’ve checked out a few list from a couple of other companies and their reason behind the placement of who they have chosen but now its my turn so here we go, here are my top 10 superstars of 2017.


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