College Football Playoff: 2 Gladiators will be on their way to Atlanta to fight for the National Championship

We are so close to another year of the CFP. All the chaos has calmed down from the selection day and now we are here with our top 4 teams Clemson, Oklahoma, Georgia, and Alabama(should have been Ohio State).These are 2 intriguing games that I am excited for but only 1 can take on the championship.

Oklahoma vs Georgia

Baker Mayfield is reported to be a little ill but he is still playing so we might witness a “Flu Game” of some sort from this talented athlete. This game can steal the show tomorrow as it is definitely a clash of styles. Oklahoma has a high powered offense that spreads you out and can exploit all your weaknesses. If you plan on going into a shootout with the sooners you mines well wave the white flag.

Georgia is making their first appearance in the CFP with a true freshman in Jake Fromm. This team will literally run you into the ground with the 2 headed monster in the back field and their defense is one of the best in the nation. Now don’t get me wrong I am from Georgia and I support my home team but man it’s really hard to bet against Baker Mayfield and that’s why….I am. I like Baker Mayfield and his passion for the game but the team does still lack on the defensive end. They are not a horrible team but I don’t see this game being a shootout and with that being said I favor Georgia. All they need is a few stops; I don’t think the Sooners defense has a chance of stopping that high powered running game. Georgia will come home to the Mercedes Benz Stadium to try and capture the championship. Georgia 28 Oklahoma 14

Clemson vs Alabama

Dabo vs Nick III man this should definitely be a good one. This game is worthy of the championship game once again but the stakes are different this year as they won’t meet In Atlanta, they will meet in the Sugar bowl in a game that should be better than the last 2 match ups. Both teams suffered stunning losses but hey they are in and we got a show. Alabama vs Clemson is turning into quite a rivalry in front of our eyes.

Clemson looks as dominant as ever even without Deshaun Watson. Freshman Kelly Bryant is having a great year and the offense to thriving with weapons all over the place. The defense is the talk of the town with the front 7 running the show and will definitely be a key if they want to put away Bama. Clemson’s defense is 4th in the nation in yards per play, they also average 8 tackles for loss per game (9th in the nation) and their 3rd down defense is 5th in the nation (27.8 percent) which will make a huge difference in this game since Bama is having a hard time converting on 3rd down this year.

Alabama is pissed off because people are doubting them and a lot of people don’t believe they belong in the CFP. They have a huge chip on their shoulders and even with flaws they are still dominant. Bama was dealing with injuries but they have had over a month to heal and should be ready to go. Alabama offense looks good with a three headed monster running game and decent passing game with Calvin Ridley getting a lot of attention from every secondary they play. The front 7 is getting some key players back in the linebacker core but will that be enough for them?

I love a team with a lot to prove and even though Bama is so dominant, this year they have their backs against the wall and have to prove that no one should ever doubt them again even with 1 loss. Clemson doesn’t fear Bama like a lot of people think they do. Bama has never blown out Clemson and they have always gone the distance when playing each other. This time around I don’t expect a really close game. Someone is going to lose by 10 but the play will stand out to make this game look far worse then what it is. Too sum it up; someone is going to dominate the other. My pick is Clemson. This is not a very good Alabama offense but they have enough to get the job done and that is all that matters but 3rd down success is a key in every game. They just simply have a problem converting on 3rd down especially against top 25 teams. I believe Clemson defense will terrorize Jalen n Hurts and making it hard for them to move the ball. Like I said I see a 10 point win but I’m going to up that I have Clemson 31 Alabama 14

So what do you think? Who will go on to the finals?


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