LeBron has to play well from Age 32-40 to end the LeBron vs MJ discussion

Right now LeBron has everyone watching in amazement wondering when he will slow down. Will he ever regress or will he continue to change the landscape of how long a prime is supposed to last in the NBA? Right now LeBron  is doing something a lot of people could not do. A lot of players don’t make it to a 15th season in the league yet alone play at an all-star level plus he looks like he is on his way to winning another MVP and reach his 9th NBA finals in a row. The conversation is getting really heated of if LeBron is better than Jordan but he may have a way to end it. LeBron has to play great throughout the rest of his career to silence the critics; he has to play great from ages 32-40.

32-40? That’s correct. Jordan was great but I think a lot of people forgot he was even better going into the last stretch of his career. Let’s take a look at everything Jordan’s did career from age 32 to 40:

32- Jordan averaged 28ppg, 5asp, 6.7rebs, 2stls, and 1blk in only 17 games. Bulls finished 34-31 but lost in the second round to Orlando.

33- 1995-1996 Bulls finished 72-10, Jordan won his 4th MVP, 8th scoring title and another NBA title added to his legacy. Averaged 30ppg, 6rebs, 4ast, and 2stl.

34- 9th scoring title, another NBA championship ring and his became a 5x NBA finals MVP. He averaged 30ppg, 6rebs, 4ast, and 1.7stls in that season.

35- Jordan became a 10x scoring championship, 5th MVP awards, won another NBA championship and became a 6x NBA finals MVP. He averaged 29ppg, 5reb, 3ast, and 1.7 steals.

36- Jordan retired after 2nd 3 peat and didn’t come out of retirement until he was 39.

39- Jordan is back again and led the Washington wizards in scoring but missed the playoffs. He averaged 23pts, 5reb, 5ast, and 1.4steals

40- Jordan became oldest player to ever have a 40 point game but once again the Wizards missed the playoffs but Jordan was still amazing. He averaged 20ppg, 6reb, 4ast, and 1stl.

To sum it up Jordan went out with a bang. He averaged 27ppg, won 3 more NBA titles, 3 finals MVPS, 2 regular season MVPS and 3 more scoring titles in only 5 full seasons. All that is amazing.

LeBron already has a stacked career but with the way he is playing he is definitely going to have some more accolades. Right now LeBron is in a good place for the debate. He already has 3 NBA titles and 3 NBA finals MVPs and he won the regular season MVP award 4 times (go ahead and look forward to the 5th one). There is more than that but you get my point. LeBron doesn’t look to lead the league in scoring so leave the scoring titles out of this.  The main thing I see that kills this conversations is the finals losses.

If you ask me I say we put these 2 on 2 different levels, LeBron and Jordan are 2 different players. Times have changed and so has the competition. Jordan has destroyed a lot of hall of famers in the regular season and the NBA finals and LeBron has a target on his back forcing teams to add 3-4 all-stars just to take him down. The game was different when Jordan played and it’s different now. I said it once and I’ll say it again. LeBron doesn’t look like he is going to slow down anytime soon and maybe on his way to another NBA finals. He may regress but he won’t plummet. It’s just simple; if LeBron keeps piling on NBA championships and MVPs and playing at the level that he is playing then maybe it will be time to debate that conversation again. LeBron has the advantage too with Jordan retiring again for 3 years. Only time will tell and anything can happen, but LeBron has to bring it home like Jordan did. So what do you think? Do you think LeBron will surpass Jordan if he has a stacked career between the ages of 32-40?


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