Ranking the UFC Champions


ConorMcGregor7. Conor McGregor the champion of the Lightweight division 155lbs. Conor McGregor before he came to the UFC had a lot of buzz around his name. Stringing together wins and knockouts with ease. He finally got a contract to the UFC and he took the UFC by storm. He had 7 fight win streak with 6 knockouts. His 6th knockout on that streak came in 13 seconds over who some would call the GOAT Jose Aldo. At the time he was fighting at Featherweight 145lbs. He won the Featherweight belt but he didn’t like making the weight cut at 145 so he decided his next fight will be for the Lightweight belt 155lbs. At the time Eddie Alvarez was the champion. The fight got announced and immediately made waves around the world because Conor was still the Featherweight champion meaning if he beat Eddie Alvarez he would be the first person in UFC history to hold two belts at the same time. In that he did that was an historic moment when he had the two UFC belts at one time. He then went on to fight Floyd Mayweather for the biggest fight in combat sports history. At that time he got stripped of the Featherweight title since he didn’t defend it. He plans to make his return to the Octagon soon.


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