Ranking the UFC Champions

Daniel Cormier

3. Daniel Cormier the Light Heavyweight Champion 205lbs. Daniel Cormier is practically undefeated at both LightHeavyWeight and HeavyWeight. The only two losses he has on his record come from Jon Jones but he has failed 2 drug tests so those loses in reality shouldn’t be counted and one of those don’t. On top of that it’s nothing to be ashamed of losing to the most talented fighter to ever grace the octagon. Daniel Cormier just seems levels above his competition with his big frame and his gold olympic level wrestling. His striking is also good but he pressures you to the point where a takedown is Bound to happen. Even though he is 39 years of age is is till one of the best fighters on the roster and in my opinion the Greatest ever for fighters who have not failed any drug tests.


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