The Ball Brothers could play together afterall

Each of the ball brothers have played basketball since birth. Lonzo was the first born, LiAngelo was the second born and LaMelo was the third born. LiAngelo and Lonzo played 3 years in high school together. The year all three of them played together was the year they really made a name for themselves.

They have been playing in Los Angeles where they were born all their lives so when Lonzo Ball, the oldest son got drafted to the team in last years draft it was perfect for the family. They all want to stay in Los Angeles and play in their home town but the chances of getting drafted are slim and the chances of getting on the same chance are even slimmer.

Recently though after Lavar Ball pulled both LiAngelo and LaMelo out of UCLA and got them contracts to play overseas professionally the chances just got raised a lot higher. Instead of going through the one and done route the get a chance to develop overseas and make money while their at it. They can play overseas until they feel they are ready enough to play in the NBA they can either get contracts during the season, declare for the draft or become free agents. Since they are overseas they can choose whatever teams they want to play for in the NBA of course depending on what teams offer them the contracts.

The reason I bring this up is because whenever the Lakers franchise believes LiAngelo and LaMelo have developed enough to bring them to the NBA they can offer them contracts and that’s probably the only contracts the Ball Brothers would accept. It doesn’t look like Lakers would trade Lonzo anytime soon and he wouldn’t leave on his own will he will be there when his brothers arrive.

What do you think? Could the Ball brothers all play for showtime?

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