Lonzo Ball is not a bust

In High School Lonzo Ball showed his leadership skills. His team only lost one time over a three year span he was the best player on the team during that span. He dominated the high school scene. He was a pass first guard averaging 7.3 assists a game over his 4 years. That’s not the end though he was a pass first guard because he believed in winning over his own personal stats that goes along with the leadership ability he has. Even though he was pass first he could score at any time he wanted he was scoring 19.3 PPG while shooting 58% FG and a 44% 3pt percentage. He had the handles and quickness to get wherever he wanted or he would just pull up from deep. Also was very athletic averaging 7.2 rebounds and 1.3 blocks. In his junior year he averaged a triple double for the whole year.

In college his game showed that it was transcendent still with his leadership skills he opened up a little bit more on the UCLA team he seemed a lot more comfortable on that team. He was still a pass first guy averaging 7.6 assists per game in his one year there. He wasn’t as aggressive scoring wise on this level but yet he still averaged 14.6 PPG and led his team to a 31-5 record. So it’s not hard to see why Magic wanted the kid he was a floor general that’s very athletic with high IQ and he isn’t an offensive liability. Not to mention he is a 6’7 Point Guard.

Now he gets to the league with all this pressure on him as a rookie he is one of the most talked about people on the planet it must be a lot on Lonzo’s shoulder to come out and perform but he has a calm demeanor about him which can be good and bad. Lonzo was never an aggressive scorer he is a guy that just does everything he feels needs to be done to win the game. We all know that Lonzo has the worst shooting percentages in the league but I believe it isn’t because of his skill but because he isn’t confident enough to do the things he wants to do. Nor do I believe he is fully comfortable yet at this level. I believe when he gets more confidence and gets more comfortable as an NBA player his shooting struggles will slowly go away.

Outside of his scoring though Lonzo Ball has showed he has great intangibles in everything other aspect of the sport. His athletic ability still helping him get 6.9 rebounds a game and 0.9 blocks a game. His length at the point guard position really helps him also with 1.4 steals a game and he has become a reliable defender at this level not only on ball but he has great anticipation and defensive IQ on and off ball.

He has shown he is able to score and get past defenders but I believe his timidness is effecting him tremendously when it comes to getting the ball in the basket once his jitters leave him he gets comfortable being an NBA player and gains more confidence I do believe his shooting struggles will end. Also once that happens he will become more aggressive then he will have the ability to take over a game from all aspects of basketball making him an athletic 6’7 all around point guard that does anything to win for his team. Kid will be dangerous once he let’s himself be himself.

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