The Eagles can still Fly without Carson Wentz

FLY EAGLES FLY!!!!My friend text me and said “the glory days are over for the Eagles, Wentz went down (he is a patriots fan). I just put my phone down and laughed that off. I’m not an Eagles fan but I love football and the way I see it anything can happen. I mean look at the Vikings, they are winning with a third string QB and on their way to the playoffs. I think what happens is that we as fans and mainly casual fans get wrapped up in individual performance and forget that this is a team sport. Carson Wentz is out for the season with a Torn ACL.  A lot of fans were worried he would be out a couple of weeks next year but there is good news. His original diagnosis was 9 to 12 months but another doctor by the name of Robert Klapper believes that he could be back and 100 percent by either training camp or week 1 because of how he injured his ACL compared to other athletes. Wentz was putting on a show this year and made a strong case for MVP with 3,296 passing yards along with 33 TDs. The Eagles are 11-2 and 1st in the NFC east. This is familiar territory for the Eagles and even without Carson Wentz the eagles can fly.

To start off let’s look at how they finished the game against the Rams. When Wentz left the game the score was 31-28. The rams regained the league to make it 35-31. This was critical games for the Eagles and they could have either folded and lose all momentum because Wentz went down or continue to fly and they did just that. Everyone stepped up in the moment and pulled the win out. Nick Foles led 2 field goal drives and the defense forced 2 key turnovers to seal the deal winning 43-35. All you saw in this game was not just one man but a team playing team ball pulling out the win.

If the rest of the team steps up then the Eagles can still fly. Doug Pederson instills that confidence into all his players that they can go out and win even without key players and they do it. The Eagles have been here before. They went 5-1 without Donovan McNabb in 2001. The defense was playing great, they had a good run game and enough plays were made for the team to win. They did it again in 2006 and won a playoff game and now we turn to Nick Foles.

Seriously people do not count them out with Nick Foles behind the center. He has a great coach in Doug Pederson to start off and also he was a pro bowl QB and won a division title. He went 15-9 as a starter for the Eagles and the only reason they lost the game to the Saints back in 2013 is because the defense and special team couldn’t hold the league. But that was 2013 and this is now. Nick Foles is in a good system with a lot of weapons and a killer run game. The defense can definitely play in the clutch and force critical turnovers.

The Eagles have a great coach and leader in Doug Pederson and he has the whole team behind him. The team is loaded with talent and Nick Foles has had success in Philly before. If they keep that offense rolling and defense keeps playing tough then they can still win even without Carson Wentz. The Eagles last 3 games are against the Giants, Raiders, and Cowboys and I’m sure they can win 2 out of the 3 games if not all of them. Eagle’s fans can keep their head up.

What do you think? Can the Eagles still fly or will they fold without Carson Wentz?

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