The Walking Dead is getting a new game and it looks SICK!!


I cant lie i completely fell off with the walking dead but im hearing mix reviews on the show. Im at least 2 seasons behind and my deal breaker was me loosing interest in the show and all the spoilers that kept popping up on face book( hint: Glen death the first time around, I know he survived). But in all i love the Telltale series of walking dead games which made me sweat bullets when making decisions and even had me pacing back and forward heart pounding. Now i see this and i jumped for joy hitting my head on the roof of my car. THE NEW WALKING DEAD GAME LOOKS SO F*****G SICK!!!

Overkill( developers behind the payday series) are behind this beautiful masterpiece and announced that this will be a 4 player co-op game in first person. The game will take place in DC not long after the apocalypse begins. You will go on missions and raids securing supplies and survivors to strengthen your base camp against the dead and the living. The game will have 4 playable characters but the one you will see in this video is Aidan and he looks like a complete bad ass.

No information has been revealed on the other characters and i will post about each one as the news comes about. I already know that stealth will be necessary in this game especially if your in a stick situation fighting off the living and the dead at the same time so i am super excited and ready to create funny moments with my friends when i can get my hands on this game. It hasn’t been noted yet but i dont think this game will have any ties to the TV show itself as the only thing that they have referenced is Robert Kirkmans Comic Books.

Overkill’s The Walking Dead game is expected to come out sometime in 2018 in the fall but i expect to hear more about this game in the next couple months and especially at the E3 convention.

What are your thoughts on the upcoming game?

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