Ohio State or Alabama: Who will be #4

It is a critical time for the playoff committee of college football. The conference championship games have been played and now a choice has to be made. In my opinion Clemson, Georgia, and Oklahoma are definitely in the playoffs all taking advantage and dominating in their conference championship games leaving a great final impression before the decision. But that leaves one more spot, who will be #4. Alabama sat at home watching and hoping something will go in their favor sitting at #5 but Ohio State played and beat (4) Wisconsin to win the Big 10 championship once again. The committee will most likely decide between these 2 teams but who should they pick to take the final spot Crimson Tide or Buckeyes?

Let’s take a look at these 2 teams resumes:

Alabama Crimson Tide

alabama crimson tide

Record- 11-1(SEC 7-1)

Key Match Ups- FSU, LSU, Mississippi St, Auburn

Key Wins- Florida State(Week 1)

Key Losses- Auburn

Conference Champions- No

Summary: Alabama was dominant all season long. Even though I listed these teams as key match ups none of them seemed to be.  FSU would be their main key match up since they came in to the season ranked #2 but Alabama turned them in to a pretended as well. That was the only team Alabama faced that was ranked in the top 5. Other than that they are 3-1 against ranked teams this season but none of them I would consider significant wins but they have that one major loss lingering over their head against Auburn. The SEC was not really strong this year to give Alabama that boost with their strength of Schedule Plus no bowl game to put the nail in the coffin.

Ohio State Buckeyes

Ohio state buckeyes

Record- 11-2(8-1 Big 10)

Key Match Ups- Oklahoma, Penn State, Michigan State, Michigan, Wisconsin

Key Wins- Penn State (Week 8), Michigan State (Week 10), Wisconsin (Big 10 championship game)

Key Losses- Oklahoma (Week 2), Iowa(Week 9)

Conference Champions- Yes

Summary- The loss to Iowa can really hurt Ohio State especially since it was a blow out but they bounced back. They loss a key match up to Oklahoma in week 2 which is a Big 12 team but played great football right after. They beat Penn State when they were ranked #2 in the nation and routed Michigan State. We cannot forget they did just beat Wisconsin in a close one to secure the Big 10 championship. Ohio State has played 3 teams that were all ranked in the top 5 at the time and went 2-1 against teams ranked in the top fine with Wisconsin being the sweetest victory of them all. Plus they beat MSU who was ranked # 12. They have beaten a couple ranked teams on their schedule this year and had the extra game to put the nail in the coffin.

Who’s In: Ohio State Buckeyes

I said it before and I’ll say it again they will be in. Alabama just doesn’t have the schedule this year to sway the committee with their dominance when Ohio State has a far more impressive resume that should give them that bump to the #4 spot especially bringing home one of the Power 5 conference championships.

Who do you got Alabama or Ohio State?


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