College Football Playoff Prediction: Who’s In?

The easy part is now in the history books and now the hard part waits. Who is in? 4 huge games happened today all affecting the decision for the college football playoff committee. All of them were championship games within one of the Power 5 conferences. These conferences always had leverage in the past of determining the national champion but now they control the fate of the college football playoff. Here are the results of all 4 games:

Big 12 Championship SEC Championship ACC Championship Big 10 Championship
(3) Oklahoma 41

(11)TCU           17

(2) Auburn  7

(6) Georgia 28

(1) Clemson 38

(7) Miami       3

(4) Wisconsin 21

(8)Ohio State  27

Prediction for top 4

  1. Clemson
  2. Oklahoma
  3. Georgia
  4. Ohio State

Clemson and Oklahoma claimed their spots in the CFP both with dominate wins over their opponents to claim their conference titles. With this loss Auburn jumps to 10-3(7-1 SEC) yes they did beat BAMA and Georgia during the season but they probably left a sour taste in the committees mouth with that lost to Georgia in the SEC championship being held to only 1 TD which was their opening drive. Plus I don’t think they will get in with 3 losses so you can kiss them goodbye.

Wisconsin drops to 12-1 with loss to Ohio State. Ohio State has 2 losses and the one that the committee was looking at the most was the 55-24 loss to Iowa but all that should be silenced now since they finished the season strong routing Michigan State 48-3 and winning another Big 10 conference championship which should give them that boost they need to hop right in the playoffs. Wisconsin may have only 1 lost on their resume but besides Ohio State who have they really played?

Where does this leave Bama?

The tide won’t be rolling into the college football playoff. They have only suffered one loss this year to Auburn but Georgia got the last impression which is a good one which should make them jump Alabama. Wisconsin did not suffer a huge loss so they shouldn’t fall out of the top 10. Ohio adds another significant win to their schedule so they should roll right pass Bama as well. Sorry Bama fans I think you guys will be sitting outside of the playoffs this year.

What do you think, who’s in?


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