UFC 218: Aldo vs Holloway 2 predictions

UFC Fight Pass Preliminary Card 


Justin Willis vs Allen Crowder 

Allen Crowder will be too much for Justin Willis with his grappling, both are solid strikers but I believe Allen Crowder has a significant advantage in the grappling department which I believe he will take over the fight my winner prediction is Allen Crowder. 

Prediction- Allen Crowder 


Jeremy Kimball vs Dominick Reyes 

Both of these fighters are strikers mainly but Dominick Reyes out matches Jeremy in this fight he is significantly a better striker than Jeremy Kemball also has the better all around skillset. My winner prediction for this fight is Dominick Reyes 

Prediction- Dominick Reyes 


Sabah Homasi vs Abdul Razak Alhassan  

Both of these fighters are tenacious and aggressive but I believe Abdul is the more technical fighter and will win simply off of that. He also is a better grappler having 8 submissions of his 13 wins. I believe Abdul can win on standup or on the ground. My winner prediction is Abdul Razak Alhassan 

Prediction- Abdul Razak Alhassan 


Amanda Cooper vs Angela Magana  

It’s hard to separate these fighters Magana has a strength in her submission game having 8 submissions out of her 11 wins but she also has not so good submission defense. If Amanda Cooper just fights her fight and counter Maganas aggressiveness I could see Amanda Cooper taking this victory. My winner prediction is Amanda Cooper 

Prediction – Amanda Cooper 

FS1 Preliminary Card 


Felice Herrig vs Courtney Casey 

I believe Felice Herrig’s pressure will will be too much for Courtney Casey she will win the fight off of octagon control and will be the person who sets the pace for the fight. My winner prediction will be Felice Herrig 

Prediction- Felice Herrig 


David Teymur vs Drakkar Klose 

Drakkar Klose wins his fights on his IQ. He might not always be the most entertaining fighter but he seems to always fo the right thing he is technical in every area so my winner prediction will go to Drakkar Klose. 

Prediction – Drakkar Klose 


Alex Olivera vs Yancy Medeiros  

Alex Olivera is a crafty vey who is solid in all areas and elite in jiu jitsu I believe his skillset will be too much for Yancy he will outmatch him also he has a significant advantage on the ground. 

Prediction – Alex Olivera  

Charles Oliveira vs Paul Felder 

Paul Felder is a very unique fighter he is a very good striker and very crafty on the ground. I believe with his advantage on the standup as long as he fights his fight he should come out the victor. He loses in the grappling department but he can defend hold his own. It will definitely be a tough fight for Paul but as long as he can stay calm throughout this fight he can pull out this victory  

Prediction – Paul Felder 

Main Card 

 Tecia Torres vs Michelle Waterson 

Michelle Waterson is an elite striker it’s hard for me to imagine her losing the striking matchup against an opponent the size of Tecia Torres. Tecia is very quick but Michelle should be able to keep her distance for the most part. I don’t expect a lot of grappling in this fight but Michelle Waterson is physically a bigger women it’s hard for me to see Waterson losing in any area 

Prediction- Michelle Waterson 


Eddie Alvarez vs Justin Gaethje  

This will definitely be an entertaining fight both fighters have the same fight style for the most part except Alvarez uses his wrestling a lot more. Alvarez is a former champion for a reason it’s hard to beat him at his own game and he will score more takedowns I got to lean towards Eddie Alvarez in this one. 

Prediction- Eddie Alvarez 


Henry Cejudo vs Sergio Pettis 

Henry Cejudo improves with every fight. Just in his last fight his striking took a huge leap. He also has an significant advantage on the ground. Cejudo seems like a more polished fighter at this point in his career and doesn’t have a true weakness.  

Prediction – Henry Cejudo 


Alistair Overeem vs Francis Ngannou  

I believe Overeem is too much for Ngannou right now. Overeems fight style is counter striking and Francis aggressive style might hurt him. Overeem still has KO power if he catches you. Also we haven’t seen Francis in the deep water or fight anyone on this level. I will lean towards Overeem simply because he is more  experienced everywhere. He has advantages in the clinch and on the ground. He is also more technical on the feet.  

Prediction – Alistair Overeem  


Max Holloway vs Jose Aldo  

Jose Aldo is the more technical fighter. He was also winning their last fight up until he got KOed. He has the grappling advantage. If he just fights smart he should win and get his belt back. 

Prediction- Jose Aldo 

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