Is it time for a Tag Team title in the Women’s division?

Things continue to heat up in the Women’s division of WWE. Just last week we had 5 NXT call ups and the long awaited return of Paige. All these women made an immediate impact laying waste to the respective women’s divisions of both Raw and Smackdown and it only makes me think that it’s time to bring in another title. There is already a talk of the first ever Women’s royal rumble to take place this January but it hasn’t been confirmed yet. In the meantime I think its time to bring in a Women’s tag team title.

Back when it was called WWF there actually was a tag team championship for Women. The title debuted back in 1983 when Velvet McIntyre and Princess Victoria debuted as the reigning NWA World Tag Team Champions but WWF withdrawn from the NWA and went on to name them as the first ever WWF women’s tag team champions. The title didn’t last that long as it was deactivated only 6 years later in 1989 and there was only 5 title reigns, the Glamour Girls was the last team to hold the titles.  WWE has continued to flirt with the idea of bringing the title back; they even did a poll back in 2012  asking fans if they would want to see the title come back to the WWE. I don’t see a more perfect time to do this then now.

At first I thought maybe both brands should have this title but I sat down and examined and came to the conclusion it would be a better fit on Raw. Smackdown does a good job involving the entire women’s division but Raw has some that are not really getting much spotlight. Plus since Smackdown has the women’s MITB then Raw should definitely take on the Women’s tag title. This would get at least 4 women involved in a title hunt and add more depth to the division plus more story lines. I wouldn’t mind seeing a female stable like Paige, Sonya Deville, and Mandy Rose(Absolution) dominate the Raw Women’s division and hold all title.

Until this day it is still being rumored to happen with even The Game himself saying “anything is possible” and Lita confirmed the talks of this idea. The sky is the limit right now in the WWE for Women with the success of the Mae Young Classic and the success of a lot of first time matches like the Hell in the Cell Match and the Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match I don’t see why this could not be another success. I’m all for it and I believe within the next WWE calendar year we will have this title and maybe even another Women’s single title. When this does happen because im confident it will I think that they should put the title on the Iconic Duo( Peyton Royce and Billy Kay) as these to work very well with each down on NXT and that chemistry will definitely carry over to the main roster when they get called up.


So what do you think? Is it time to bring this title back and if so who should be the first to carry the gold?



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