Everything that must happen for Alabama to make the CFP

Bama fell to Auburn last Saturday in convincing fashion and now they are out of the top 4 seeding’s for the playoffs. Not only that but  for the first time since 2013 Alabama will not be in the SEC titled game and watching from home. For the first time in a long time Alabama doesn’t control their own fate and have to rely and cheer for others to give them a boost and potentially get back into the CFP. Here is everything I think needs to happen for them to get back in the CFP:

 (2) Auburn has to beat (6) Georgia

This is a critical game for both teams. Auburn wins then they are definitely in but Georgia can shake things up with an upset. Georgia is playing some good football this year but that one loss devastated them when they were the #1 team in the nation (some say they impersonated a #1 team) but they are still lounging around and this is must win game for them to shake things up and get in. if they beat Auburn in convincing fashion the Playoff Committee will most likely boot them over Alabama and then its bye bye Bama for the playoffs. In this case Bama needs their Rival to put Georgia away. By this happening Bama doesn’t have to worry about Georgia jumping over them to make a bigger case for the playoffs and they will be safe at #5 for the time being.

(1)Clemson beats (7) Miami.

The loss to Pittsburgh (non- ranked team) was a major downfall for the Hurricanes. This season has been an impressive one for the Hurricanes that has a lot of fans saying The U is back but that lost knocked them down to #7. The committee will definitely try to use that lost against them if they beat Clemson this Saturday in the ACC championship game in a close battle so this would be another team that needs a convincing win to make a case. Alabama fell to Clemson for the national championship on an electrifying last play but now Saban needs to cheer on his buddy Dabo Swinney to put the Hurricane to rest in order for him to have a chance at another rematch.

(8)Ohio State beats (4) Wisconsin

In 2014 Ohio State obliterated Wisconsin for the Big ten title 59-0. If that happens again then Bama would most likely kiss the playoffs goodbye as Ohio State will most likely jump over them and make their case for the College football playoffs. Ohio State has to win but Alabama has to hope they don’t win big. A close win will still put the Buckeyes in the conversation but with Bama sitting at #5 and their resume the Committee might go ahead and bump them up to #4. The committee will definitely use that road loss by 31 to Iowa against the Buckeyes.

(11)TCU beats (3) Oklahoma

This is one of Bama’s best bets. Baker and the Sooners are a fun team to watch and good as hell but TCU has a very good defense. I don’t know if it can handle that high powered offense but a win will definitely help out the Crimson Tide. TCU is 4 spots away from the CFP seeding’s and I don’t see them jumping that far even with a blowout but you never know these days. TCU would do Alabama justice with a 7-14 point win over the Sooners plain and simple.

To summarize all of this, “The enemy of my enemy is my friend” (makes somewhat sense). Bama needs 2 rivals to come out victorious to keep Miami and Georgia from overlapping them, Ohio State to beat Wisconsin that will make it come down to one more game and TCU to just remove Oklahoma from the equation as a whole. Alabama only has 1 lost this year to Auburn they just lost on a bad week where a lot of other teams were on their A game to make a case for the CFP. These scenarios can help get them in but if it’s a debate in the Committee it’s going to come down to that 1 extra game team had to prove themselves worthy of the playoffs. It’s not the end of the world for Bama but for nick Saban anything less than the playoffs he would probably consider failure especially with only 1 lost.

What do you think is there still hope for Bama?


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