Wargames, who survived?

Saturday November 18th, 2017 NXT Takeover:Wargames took place at the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas. We brought you a show preview and predictions, now its time we brought you our review of the show and the results of the night. Lets just say the reviews I have been hearig have been nothing short of people raving about the show.

They started the show off nice, with a decent opening bout, to slow build he action of the night. Was a ways off the match of the night but Lars Sullivan vs Kassious Ohno was a solid power vs power match to open the show with and set the tone. It was Lars Sullivans PPV debut on NXT and he would make an impact in his first ever NXT PPV. As predicted it was a shorter match by PPV standards but was filled both ways with powerful high impact moves. Lars started it out by bowling Kassious around. They ttraded blows but the boot of sullivan was too much. Kassious only really had Lars down significantly for about a moment… but lars would sit up and growl at Ohno. Every time Kassious would strike him Lars would just stare and growl unaffected. At the end Kassious was caught and side slammed by Sullivan for a 1…2…3, as Lars walked away he stated it correctly, like I did on this pick, Kassious asked for it. A 5 out of 10 for me.

The second match of the night definately picked it up. Aleister black vs The Velveteen Dream, and my first words about this match is, SPOILER FOR LATER, I was right this match had potential to steal the show outside of the Wargames match, oh and it certainly did. It started out with mind games before the bell, and a tribute to the great Rick Rude when the dream who has been trying get Black to say his name, would reveal his tights, where very rick rude like had a picture of the dream down one side and Black down the other. When the bell rang Aleister surprised most and went to a technical game working hammerlocks, wristlocks, and headlocks, and had The Dream running in circles screaming. Velvetee would counter with Blacks own patten, kicks to the knees and legs. It seemed as if they raded offenses as each would go to what they know best. Velveteen and his flambouyant attitude would try n get black tied in ropes but black would power out and knock Dream down. Dream would get himself tied up in ropes…. and a knee to face was delivered before he got unhooked. A great ending would be seen with Black hitting the black mass out of no where for 1…2…3. After the match Black would take his sitting position with the mic as he looked at the dream,velveteen still kocked silly would hear the magical words ” live in infamy velveteen dream” finally getting Black to say his name. 7.5 out of 10 for me.

The 3rd and middle bout on the card featured the first of two title matches on the night. The vacant NXT womens title was on the line as Nikki Cross took on Kairi Sane vs Peyton Royce against Ember Moon. A match that was meant for speed and fast paced action this was pretty decent…. Early the match spilled outside and peyton ended up powerbombing Nikki o the outside taking her out for a bit. The 3 remaining fighters would combat and exchamge nearfalls in the ring. The pirate princess would put up a good showing as Kairi Sane would do well but once cross re entered the match, Sane would be sent outside while Moon would hit a double eclipse off the ropes and pin Cross for the title. After the match Asuka would enter the ring and hand deliver title to Ember in a heart warming moment. I give this match a 6/10 as ending bumped it up.

The 4th match was the NXT title match, Drew Macintyre vs Andrade “Cien”almas, and of course Zelena Vega was by his side”. A tough match that Drew started out dominating. power moves…. and every time Adrade would start getttoig somethig goig Drew was right there to outpower him. At one point Zelena would try and get involved, and drew would block her hurricaranna and set her down but o the outside Andrade would take over. After a brief battle o outside theyd get i ring and when drew went to top rope after both fihters had delivered fiishers. the hammer lock DDT and Drews claymore, Andrade hit a DDT off top rope to collect the upset and surprise of the night. Your new NXT Champion Andrade “Cien” A;mas, also after NXT, HHH would say drew may have a torn Biceps. My though it was a 6/10.

The Main event was a thrilling match that stole the weekend. The Wargames match. The pre match hype was unbelievable, Noone really knew what to expect with roof of cage off, very few cared about that by end of the match. The match started with Eric Young of Sanity, Adam Cole of Undisputed Era, and Roderick Strong of AOP and Strong. The opening five minute starte fast, with all 3 members exchanging, the advantage, kick would dominate it early with Cole getting the upperhand just before the first shark tank opened. The first opening was Undisputed Era. They would rush to the ring. And they would dominate essetiall splitting Young and Strong into two ring and Strong would take a beatig they would taste the cage ad be down and out when second cage for AOP opened. Akham abd Razr would rush the cage and destroy anythig in thier way, with in a minute they were oly two stading, and fially Sanitys killian Dane and Alexander Wolfe woul emerge wolfe would enter with night stick in his coat and level everybody while dane threw weapons into cage. Tables, Garbage cans. Chains, Chairs, all thrown in and then locked the cage. The match was so back n forth with really Killian Dae starring…. He would jump his 300 pluspoud body coast to coast ad drive garbage can into Kyle o reily’s face. Dane and AOP would go toe to toe and destroy each other… while Wolfe would go through a table and be busted open bleedig profusiously. Adam cole would escape to top of cage and strong would chase him fially super plexing him off top cage ito a pile of every other competitor. After quite a few miutes Eric Young would grab a chair only to turn around into a shining wizard by Adam Cole, Knee to chair to face, and Cole would pick up pinfall for Undisputed Era. As the went of air, noone was left standing. My match rating 9/10.

This was a very good ppv, and was etertaining. My picks were 4 out 5. I hope you all enjoy or enjoyed, and I hope the do the wargames match again. The ppv itself got an 8/10 from me.


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