WWE Survivor Series Review

Survivor Series was a crazy night with a lot of great matches but a questionable ending here are all the results for tonight’s PPV along with my match of the night, upset of the night and overall rating of the show…Enjoy!!!

Elias Samson def Matt Hardy(Kick off-show)

Not much to say on this. The drifter will eventually be in the IC picture mark my words. More and more fans are beginning to walk with Elias and I’m still waiting for Matt to become Broken/Woken.

Enzo(c) defeats Kalisto(Kick off-show)

Smack talker sky walker retains his boo and once again knocks off Kalisto. Enzo heel roll is working well for him but I believe 205 live is still suffering. I’m not sure who is next but I think it’s time for Cedric to get a shot.

SamiKo def Breezango(Kick off-show)

I must say it is flat out disrespectful that they were on the kickoff show in a match but it just adds fuel to the fire. Not the best match but they did get the win.

The Shield def The New Day

I must say I said this match wasn’t a dream match but man it was definitely and instant classic. I really wanted the New Day to pull that off but they still put up a hell of a fight. One of the best matches I seen all year and the shield looked solid.

Raw def Smackdown 5 On 5 elimination match(women)

Very decent match the thing that impressed me the most was Asuka. After weeks of easy matches(I consider them tune up matches) she got a taste of some of the best WWE has to off in the main roster and in the end they kept her looking strong with 3 eliminations.

Baron Corbin def The Miz

I picked miz to win this with the thought in the back of my head that Corbin would take this. I enjoyed this match. You can tell that it was a little personal from the twitter war but overall good performance by both men and great job with WWE and how they are pushing Corbin he is definitely becoming a better heel and competitor. Corbin gave Smackdown their first win.

The USO’s def The Bar

I expected nothing less than I back and forth affair between 2 of the best teams in WWE but in the end The Bar ended up in the USO penitentiary to tie the series 2-2.

Charlotte def Alexa Bliss

A lot of people thought that this would be a easy win for Charlotte but Alexa is underestimated. Good match overall and Alexa took it to Charlotte the entire time but Charlotte capitalized on a mistake and took the win by submission doing it with Flair like only she can giving smackdown 3 straight wins making the series 3-2

Brock Lesnar def AJ Styles

This was not a dream match. It was a good match overall. This would have been way better 13 years ago but for what’s its worth I enjoyed it even though everyone knew Brock was gonna win(I wanted AJ to win so bad) AJ took it to Brock and in the end all it took was one F5 to tie the series 3-3

Raw def Smackdown(Traditional 5 on 5 mens elimination match)

After a PPV with some solid matches here comes this match and honestly i felt like it flopped. It didnt bring it on home for the PPV. SO much was happening in this match i kind of lost track. No Jason Jordan heel turn and SamiKO barely affectedthe match themselves by interfering. Triple H double crossed just to get the victory himself. He turned in Kurt Angle then turned on Shane Mcmahoh and left Braun looking crazy. Braun went on to lay out Triple H to end the show. Overall this match was decent at best and Raw won this years series 4-3.

Overall PPV rating: 8/10

Match of the night: The New Day vs The Shield

Upset of the night: Baron Corbin over The Miz

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