Takeover: Wargames, When The Takeover Becomes War

This Saturday at Houstons Toyota center WWE development brand TAKESOVER. NXT Takeover: Wargames, promises to make the NXT faithful jump for joy and reminisce on a once glorified and beloved match that has been lost in wrestling lure for almost 20 years. For the first time since 1999 the Wargames match will be put on, and a whole new generatio of fan gets to witness a match full of suspense, action, and brutality. This should be a great ppv for NXT even though some think they are in process of rebuilding the roster.

The cards maybe least talked about match is one that on tape may be Lars Sullivan vs Kassious ohno. Sullivan has been just a powerhouse of destruction and is undefeated in NXT, in fact hes basically not even been touched. Ohno is in his 2nd stint of NXT, he is a big man who has been on his own roll as of late, and hes a fan favorite. This promises to be hard hitting, it may also be one the quicker matches on the card cause of mix of speed and power moves will be induced by both sides, but Kassious will probably put over the hot young udefeated talent, be prepared for as JR would say, a “slobberknocker”.

Next up we got Aleister Black vs The Velveteen Dream. A slow burn feud that has played out over the course of about 2 months, I think has promise to be the match of the night outside of wargames, and I do think it will be a tremendous match. The fact is Aleister black has become a sensation in NXT, and has put on great matches. The Velveteen Dream and his flambouyant character has become one the most improved wrestlers on the roster and from this feud has gained popularity. Id say a mix of speed and martial arts from black will put himself over against the dream, but the dreams strength and willingness to fly will make it not easy for black and a great match for the fans.

In the middle of the card we will be seeing the fatal 4 way for the NXT women championship vacated by The Empress of tomorrow Asuka. Ember Moon who is my pick to win vs Peyton Royce vs Nikki Cross vs the mae young classic winner Kairi Sane. Any four of these women you could make a case deserves the title. The match itself I see being great, I see it being chaos inside the ring and outside, or with Nikki in it you coulda say inSANITY. I however think the one who needs the win the most and if booking in nxt has showed anything will get it would be Ember Moon. Peyton has popularity that will not waver and pretty soon might be due for a call up. Nikki has group popularity with sanity and her style and character can be injected into title picture at anytime. And sane just hasnt been there long enough to be put over all 3 vets. Ember has not put on a bad match and is off 2 amazing title matches which she lost to Asuka, another loss could bury her for a while.

Next up is a match that would probably main event any other takeover. Drew Macintyre defends his NXT heavyweight title against Andrade “cien” Almas. Now this is a interesting mix as Drew is sraight ahead power and high impact, where as Andrade is speed and techincal with some in ring mind games, oh and the beautiful Zelina Vega ringside is always a weapon. this will obviously be a good match, But my belief is they are using this ppv to see how Andrade will do in main event picture for title. And i believe he will thrive in this spot. I see macintyre winning the title maybe by DQ and setting up a series of matches for royal rumble takeover and into mania takeover.

Now the main event, lets just say wow. 6 months ago no fan saw this coming. WWE testing out a WCW great staple match. Wargames. Sanity vs The Undisputed Era vs Authors of Pain and Roderick Strong. The history of The wargames match dates back too the NWA in 1987 when The Four Horseman with JJ Dillinger took on and lost too Dusty Rhodes, Nikita Koloff, The Road Warriors and Paul Ellering, which Means Strong and AOP have the advantage with Paul Ellering in thier corner. This will be the 31st edition of wargames with a bunch of them happening at house shows in 87 and 88. Careers have been lost and changed, like JJ Dillon in the first wargames was beaten he never stepped foot in ring again. Brian Pillmans career almost ended in 91 when with an injured shoulder he entered the two ring execution site and was beat mercifullesly in 2on1. Through the years it would change going from 5on5 to 4on4 to teams and to individual goals. The last major NWO defaction before they got watered down happened in 97 wargames when the last incarnation of the horsemen surrendered when Curt Hennig the new enforcer for the horsemen entered las with his arm in a sling hiding two handucffs… he entered and showed them and would beat and cuff Chris Benoit and Steve “Mongo” Mcmichael to the cage and The NWO would beat Ric Flair down and guillotine his head between cage door and the cage. My pick for this match will be The Undisputed Era cause of how theyve been pushed and the other 2 teams are due for a call up, killing the Eras push would not be uderstood.

The rules for Wargames this year are as followed according to wwe.com

: Sanity vs The Undisputed Era vs Authors of Pain with Roderick Strong will battle inside 2 rings that will be surrounded by a steel cage.
: The three teams will be held inside seperate shark cages by entranceway with a member from each team startig the match. The member who starts will be chosen by his squad.
: After 5 minutes the remaining members from one team will be released from the shark cage and allowed to enter the 2 ring cage and the war.
:Another three minute period will elapse and the remaining members from a second team will be released from thier cage and allowed to enter the war.
: After another and final 3 minute period the final teams members will be released and allowed to enter the war.
: Once every member of all 3 teams have entered the wargames match or as old school fas kow it as” the game beyond” may start and victory can be obtained via pinfall or submission

The Takeover starts at 8/7 pm central this saturday, and you can bet Ill be watching. The Wargames match rules I will send thanks as they came from wwe.com


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