Survivor Series Match Predictions:Who Survives?

This Sunday we have survivor series which is the only time of year that Raw and Smackdown go head to head. After weeks of build ups and shocking changes to events the cards is not set. Survivor series is headlined but 2 main events the first is a dream match between Brock Lesnar and A….J…Styles and the second is the traditional 5 on 5 survivor series elimination match which has a mixture of past and present superstars plus Kurt Angle has a lot at stake. It’s either win or go home for Kurt.

Enzo Amore(c) vs Kalisto- WWE Cruiserweight Championship

This is the only title match on the card and it’s on the kickoff show as well. I’m not surprised to see this happening again and I don’t expect this match to be great but slightly entertaining with Gulak helping out Amore. It was fun when it first began but now WWE really needs to do something to save 205 live. I have Enzo retaining the title once again but of course it won’t be done clean. He either wins buy interference or does something dirty. Anything to keep his boo.

Prediction: Enzo by being SAWFT

The Miz vs Baron Corbin

The Miz has done a great job hyping up this match but I’m still not overly excited for it. The Miz is arguably the most underappreciated superstar in WWE. He plays his role well and always entertains. Corbin is gaining a lot of momentum since they put the US title on him but I don’t see him pulling this out. I got the Miz all day on this match he won’t let this victory slip out of his hands.

Prediction: The Miz

The Bar vs The Usos

This match doesn’t really have any build up and is overshadowed by other matches on the card. This match is one I am definitely excited for. Whether you like them or not the Bar can put on some great matches and Jimmy & Jey has a couple matches that are the best of all time. This is a match of the night candidate easily but I’m giving the win to the Usos. The Bar will be properly welcomed to the Uso Penitentiary.

Prediction: Day one Usos

Women’s 5 on 5 Elimination Match

No one is ready for Asuka and with that being said I am giving this victory to the raw women’s team. I don’t see anyone eliminating her and I don’t think WWE will let that happen because they want her to look as strong as possible. I also believe that Paige will be the last member of team Smackdown and it will come down to a showdown between her and Asuka that will be awesome but Asuka will come out on top.

Prediction: Raw Team

Alexa Bliss vs Charlotte

I like Alexa Bliss but there is no way she is pulling out that victory. Charlotte is 10x better than her. I do expect a decent match cause Charlotte can put on a great match with nearly anyone. I’m more excited on what could happen after the match.

Prediction: Charlotte

The New Day vs The Shield

Another match a lot of fans have been waiting for that they deem a potential dream match. Honestly I wish the New Day were serious heels when this match occurs but hey I’m excited. All 3 members of the shield are former world champions and they laid waste to a lot of current and former superstars but I’m going with the underdog. The New Day have a lot of chemistry and even though the Shield looks great and haven’t wrestled on PPV together since 2014 this is a much needed win for the New Day and I believe the power of positivity will prevail.

Prediction: It’s a New Day yes it is

Brock Lesnar vs AJ Styles

I will side with my fellow wrestling fans and say yes this is a dream match. But 10 years ago it would be a better match. Last minute changes put AJ Styles up against Brock Lesnar and as much as I love AJ and want him to win this match I sadly don’t see it happening and I don’t see this match being as good as a lot of people think it will be. I have Brock winning this match after landing 10 German suplexes and 2 F-5’s.

Prediction: Brock Lesnar

Men’s 5 on 5 elimination match

The main even of the evening. Let’s just look at the competitors in this match before I make my prediction.

  • Team Raw: Kurt Angle, Triple H, Samoa Joe, Finn Balor, and Braun Strowman
  • Team Smackdown: Shane McMahon, John Cena, Bobby Roode, Shinsuke Nakamura, and Randy Orton

These are 2 stacked teams with very different styles. After several weeks WWE put the icing on the cake when Raw invaded Smackdown laying waste to the entire roster. So much is at stake in this match with Kurt Angle job on the line. This match is going to be very dramatic because so many things can happen but in the end Raw will win this match. Smackdown has a Survivor Series match veteran in Randy Orton and a 16x champ in John Cena but they also have 2 guys going into business for themselves in Sami Zayn and KO who will cost them this match and save Kurt Angles job.

Prediction: SamiKO cost Team Smackdown the match

Who do you guys think will win these matches? Do you think Raw or Smackdown will have a clean sweep? Who is going to take the series this year? Make sure you check out Survivor Series this Sunday with a special start time of 7 PM ET/ 4 PM PT on the WWE Network.


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