Kyle Kuzma deserves your attention right now not Lonzo

I should have been a top 5 pick.” Those are words from the underrated rookie Kyle Kuzma. Since the beginning of the season Lonzo Ball has been the focus of the LA Lakers and he has been up and down. Don’t get me wrong he is very versatile in his game but they set the ceiling high for him and right now he is just not living up to their expectations. Yes he can pass the ball, yes he can rebound, yes he can play defense when he wants to but the main problem is his offense. In only 15 games Lonzo is shooting 31.3% from the field, 25% from 3 and 50% from the free throw line. He is on pace to have the worst shooting season by a rookie in the 3 point era. I already know what everyone is going to say. “He is the youngest player to ever get a triple double, and it hasn’t even been 20 games yet.” I am one of those people that have been saying let the man play and stop analyzing his greatness game by game. By the way he has been benched in the 4th quarter a couple of games but guess who hasn’t….. Kyle Kuzma, Its time to turn your attention to him.

Kyle Kuzma was drafted in the 1st round as the 27th pick out of Utah. I myself like a lot of NBA fans have Ben Simmons winning the ROTY but Kyle Kuzma is finding himself in the conversation for the award as well. I mean really look at this guy averages.

Tonight against the 76ers he did post his career high of 24( for now) along with 7 rebounds but he brings so much to the table for this Laker squad. He is even more efficient then Lonzo Ball. While he is on the floor the Lakers average 102.5 point per 100 possessions which is more than when he sits. He is 2nd amongst rookies in true shooting percentage and leads the Lakers in points in the paint (8.3) We can go on forever on how he contributes to the Lakers but the fact is everyone needs to turn their attention to him. He put on a killer show in the Summer League and its carrying over to the regular season.

Players are starting to figure out Lonzo Ball and what he is going to do. They know that he is a poor shorter and doesn’t try to shoot unless he is driving to the left. Kyle hasn’t sat in the 4th quarter and Lonzo has. Right now Lonzo is really just trying to get a groove and he needs to make a couple tweaks to his game and even his shot but Kyle doesn’t have that many hiccups in his game and is showing to me a better 2 way player then Lonzo. If Lonzo does work out that’s great but in the meantime Kyle should be looked at as the future of this franchise because he sure is playing like it.

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