5 Hellacious Takeaways from HIAC

Jinder really needs a clean win

Jinder HIAC

I’ll admit this was one of Jinder’s better matches and I like it. His old school style of wrestling is under appreciated. Jinder did maintain to retain his championship but still had a little help from the Singh Brothers but this maybe the cleanest win we might get out of Jinder’s championship reign. I honestly believe this match should have been a Hell in a Cell match but I get the fact they probably didn’t want to overpower the match card with 3 matches inside the cell. Jinder’s heel character is getting better and better especially with the mind games but he still needs a clean victory to help get him over more. It only makes it worse that this guy is so big and getting help from to bantamweights to win 95% of his matches (I’m giving 5% to Great Khali). A clean win is must needed but I doubt we will ever get it. When i say clean i mean no interference from the Singh Brother at all or anyone else from beginning to end.

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