5 Hellacious Takeaways from HIAC

WWE got it right with Baron

Baron Corbin.jpg

Even though WWE changed the match an hour before the PPV WWE still got it right by putting over Baron Corbin in a very heel way. Baron stole the victory from AJ Styles and is now your new US Champion. After falling off the map because of backstage heat, embarrassing MITB cash in and a quick loss to John Cena Baron is finally gaining some momentum again. Putting the title on him was a good move and the way they did it helps him even more as a heel. Hopefully they won’t short change him and actually build off him in the mid card. Baron can definitely be a future world champion in the WWE but his heel persona and mic skills need a little more work. I still think he should get a clean win over a top talent to give him a boost as champion as well. Plus I hope they take AJ and put him in the world championship conversation.

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