5 Hellacious Takeaways from HIAC

We are still in the Uso Penitentiary

The Usos

The Usos and The New Day had a very incredible tag team match inside Hell in a Cell that left fans on their feet applauding. But in the end The Usos captured their 5th tag team championship and ended their rivalry with the New Day once and for all. This rivalry in my opinion is like the modern day Hardy’s vs Edge and Christian. They have left us with great matches back to back that will go down as some of the best in history. I’m not sure what is next for these 2 but they do have the tag team division on lock…at least for now. Next up I think that Daniel Bryan should put Chad Gable and Shelton Benjamin their way. They are getting better and better as a tag team and honestly Shelton does deserve to be in a title picture. If they don’t go that route then maybe have Authors of Pain invade smackdown and leave their mark. They were supposed to be getting a call up a while back and Smackdown needs a little help in the tag team division.

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