WWE Hell In a Cell Predictions

This Sunday is Hell in a Cell and its looking pretty decent. The build up to the PPV was well promoted in my opinion with a lot of key moments from Smackdown live; leading the way is a match that is way over due, Kevin Owens vs Shane McMahon. This PPV could be something key depending on what happens tomorrow night as a lot of people do believe that Smackdown is being used to test out a little edgy programming and this PPV could potentially show us if that is true or not. Other than that here are my predictions for Hell in a Cell:

Chad Gable & Shelton Benjamin will be Hype

Ever since Shelton Benjamin returned he has been on a roll with Chad Gable as his partner. I kind of expected a singles run to give the mid card and the US Championship a little boost so stars like AJ Styles can go back to competing for the main title but we all can’t get what we want just yet. I have them taking down the Hype Bros mainly because they really are not hype and they are overdue for a breakup. It has been teased for a while now and I do expect it to happen during the kickoff show tomorrow night.

Rusev will crush Randy Orton

They both have quick victories over each other and I loved Rusev reaction when he got his. Rusev hasn’t been booked well and needs a push because the guy is really talented in the ring. I expect for Randy to put him over to give him some type of momentum for a future run at maybe the U.S. Title again. One thing I won’t do is sleep on this match. I think this one will be better than a lot of people expect it to be.

End of Days for AJ Styles

Baron Corbin fell hard after winning MITB plus losing in a quick fashion to John Cena but it may be time to try and push him again. I have Baron Corbin going over AJ Styles and capturing his first title. They need to start him off small to build him up as a really good heel and a future world champion and a clean win over AJ plus his first title may do the trick. If that doesn’t work then I don’t know what will unless they repackage him and make him a silent but deadly heel. Guy’s mic skills are not that impressive but he is getting better in the ring.

Bobby Roode will still be Glorious

Dolph’s new gimmick of disrespecting current and past superstars when it comes to the way they dress and entrance really is not impressive. I don’t know what WWE has planned with Dolph but he is definitely underappreciated and poorly booked. Bobby Roode will win over Dolph as they are continuing to build him up as a face on Smackdown. The match should definitely deliver as these 2 in ring vets put on great matches.

New Day will Rock HIAC

This is my pick for match of the night. This could be one of the greatest matches to ever happen in HIAC. This rivalry has been under the radar overall but the best rivalry on smackdown right now. They have out done themselves with memorable promos and historic matches. This rivalry comes to an end and The New Day will retain the belts. Of course people will say there are strength in numbers (we don’t know if all 3 of them will be inside the cell) but beyond that they can wrestle. I’m not taking any credit away from The Usos as I am a big fan of their heel persona. I feel like they have become better in the ring as well. But the new day has been through some of the toughest battles and prevailed in nearly all of them. They will prevail in this one as well.

Charlotte over Natalya

WWE officials are ready to give Charlotte a big push and it starts here. Natalya is good but Charlotte is better. Charlotte will officially capture the Triple Crown and have something else to add to her legacy which is already hall of fame worthy in such a short time. Plus Charlotte has a very impressive record at PPVs. I don’t expect Carmella cash in but I won’t be surprised if it happens as well.

Jinder will beat Shinsuke clean

Jinder has been putting in work to boost himself as a dominant heel. His mic skills are not amazing but they are trying everything to get him there. Even that promo about Shinsuke that was very controversial was a nice attempt but left a lot of fans chanting “THAT’S TOO FAR’”. A lot of people are not satisfied with Jinder’s run as champion but they don’t plan on ending it just yet and to give him a boost I think a clean win over Shinsuke will do the trick as the Singh Brothers helping him out will not really help his overall character.

Shane will be KO’d

Kevin Owens solidified himself as the biggest heel in the company when he attacked Vince McMahon. Sami Zayn has said it best, Kevin Owens has snapped and it will only get worst and tomorrow it will. Kevin was right when he said Shane always needed to be in the spotlight but he picked a bad time to do it. Kevin is going to destroy Shane and potentially sideline him for a while so someone else is going to have to be commissioner of Smackdown. Things might get bad and I mean turn your kids away from the screen bad.

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