Did WWE Just Revamp Enzo and 205 Live?

At No Mercy on Sunday we seen Enzo Amore pull off an upset that a lot thought could happen but no one seen coming. For the past couple months Enzo has been through a lot, with the break up of the popular tag team of Enzo and Cass and backstage heat that even lead to him being put off a bus. Through all that Enzo kept being Enzo and kept bolstering around as “The Realest Guy in the room”. Enzo was moved down to 205 live as a demotion in most eyes and he was also losing his fan base in the process. It seem like nothing could go right for him. But under our noses everything was going well in all the wrong ways. Enzo grabbed the attention of the Universe once again as Smack talker Skywalker that couldn’t wrestle ands very un-athletic but weaseling his way to one victory after another. Sunday he did it again beating Neville with a cheap shot to where the suns don’t shine. Monday Enzo solidified himself as a heel.

I saw this coming for weeks as he kept going on and on about is merchandise sells and how he made 205 relevant again. Last night he took it further. To start he got a contract stating that no one could touch him and if they do they vacate their chance at his title and then he did what only he could do best and that was talk smack. He definitely put in work as a heel on the mic and it was beautiful to see. He did it without even insulting the fans he just insulted the whole 205 roster and how he wasn’t even as good as them but yet he is making all of them relevant and all their merchandise checks combined cant even touch 1 of his checks. He told Neville that he never seen the last hour of Raw. After months of not knowing what to do with Enzo, it feels like WWE finally got it right with him. Enzo is entertaining again and back in the spotlight by being a heel that can’t wrestle but yet will outsmart you and do whatever it takes to get a win in the ring.

Everyone on the roster of 205 Live was out there last night as Enzo disrespected a lot of them and Neville didn’t just stand up for himself he stood up for the entire division and vacated his right to a title shot by beating Enzo up. After raw the entire division got in the ring and took turns bullying Enzo, now that he is champion though what is next for 205 Live? The way I see it people will be tuning in to 205 Live more because everyone is going to want to know what will Enzo say or do next and the more serious question how will he disrespect the title itself when and if he decides to change the design of it. The competition is already intense and I feel like it will more because everyone is going to want to take a shot at Enzo and take back the title. They all feel like he is disrespecting the division and everything it stands for and right now that makes a good story to have on 205 live. Everyone will tune in to see what he will do or say as I said before. But what do you think….did WWE just revamp Enzo Amores career? Did they just revamp 205 Live?

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