Should EA make Wrestling Games?

Electronic Arts have been on top of their game lately producing some of the best games to come out every single year. When Madden was falling off they did everything to get it back on track and now Madden is better than ever. They turned Battlefield into one of the hottest first person shoot franchises in the gaming industry. Star wars games are getting better and better and even though all these games are impressive NBA Live seems to be the only downfall in the company. It’s getting better and better every year but seems that it just can’t get that leap of faith that it needs to challenge NBA2k. They came out with The One this year and 2K answered with the Neighborhood and now the fight is over 2K is going to win with just a prelude.

But looking at all of their success with games one of my Favorites is the UFC series. It gets better and better every year, the graphics are outstanding and gameplay is so smooth. I love this game because they really take care of the fans. They continuously update the gameplay and add new fighters without making you even pay for them. It has me thinking that while WWE 2K is still trying to pick up its steam and become a household name in wrestling game they are still missing somethings in the game. The game is becoming NBA 2K when they were delivering on graphics and lacking gameplay. I think EA should take this opportunity to try and create a wrestling game.

I think that they could make a really good wrestling game that could either compete with 2K or even surpass it. EA has always been a company that listens to the fans and tries hard to give us everything we want in a video game. Just look, fans cried out for a story mode for madden and we finally got one with Longshot. Even though it not that great NBA Live gave us famous parks from around the US. EA loves going over and beyond and with a wrestling game they could definitely take it to the next level.

The main thing I love is how EA has patients. The care about the quality of the game. It has been several times they stopped the production of NBA Live because they just felt like it wasn’t cutting it. We would definitely have a NCAA Football game if they could pay the athletes. They want to give us the best experience possible in their games. Just imagine a WWE game with the same engine they use for UFC games. The graphics would definitely be better than WWE 2k, everything down to the bumps and bruises will look more lifelike. Plus the emotion, pain and agony in your opponents face will be amazing to see. Of course commentary will be way better than the commentary that we get from WWE 2k because I’m sure the EA creators would want the commentating team to be more lively than dry.

I know the question would be what company would EA use for this wrestling game? It’s no question that WWE is the biggest company out there and I’m sure that a lot of people would think that EA would have no shot using any other company but WWE but hey it’s worth a try. WWE will always be an option because Vince loves making money and I’m sure 2K wouldn’t mind a little competition. But who else besides WWE? I think that if EA decided to make a wrestling game they shouldn’t have any limitations. They take their time to make UFC and add new fighters all the time. I wouldn’t mind seeing a wrestling game where you can go from company to company outside the WWE. Like you could wrestle in New Japan Pro Wrestling, Ring of Honor, and even Lucha Underground. They could even put smaller companies on there for building your reputation in the industry. EA would definitely provide everything that fans want in a wrestling game.

What about career mode? EA career modes are usually just some strict gameplay with a little bit of training and strategizing. But they do have a successful story mode in FIFA 17 The Journey that a lot of fans love plus Longshot in madden was pretty good. They could take the creators and make a Story mode with the life of a wrestler trying to make a name for himself in the industry. Maybe even start you off as a kid watching wrestling on TV and then jump forward to a wrestling camp by one of the greats and go on from there. Wrestle all over the world, build friendships and stables and take titles. They could even have an online co-op ultimate team type mode where you create wrestle camps and compete against camps. Plus tournaments. There are so many different prestigious wrestling tournaments that we are not even exposed to and they could bring all that to our fingertips.

Whether we get one or not I think EA should definitely consider creating a wrestling game. I wouldn’t mind a WWE game from them but I rather see them expose us to other companies and wrestlers that need to be known. More and more everyday wrestling fans are starting to pay attention to the wrestling world outside of WWE and a wrestling game outside of WWE (no TNA or GFW) would be awesome to play. It’s an open market for the taking right now and EA has everything it takes to takeover that market.

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